SALEM, Va. – Five freshmen members of the Virginia wrestling team grabbed titles to lead the Cavaliers in action at the Southeast Open on Saturday (Nov. 5) at the Cregger Center. Virginia had 18 members of the squad place at the event.

Kyle Montaperto (125), Garrett Grice (133), Michael Gioffre (149), Nick Sanko (157) and Nick Hamilton (165) all took first-place finishes at their weight classes in the freshman and sophomore bracket. In addition to the five champions, two other freshmen placed in the event in their bracket with Keyveon Roller (133) and Mason Stefanelli (149) taking third and fifth, respectively.

On the open side of the bracket, the Cavaliers had 11 wrestlers place in their weight classes.

Dylan Cedeno led the way with a runner-up finish at 141 pounds, while three wrestlers took third-place finishes: Marlon Yarbrough (133), Jarod Verkleeren (149) and Vic Marcelli (174). Grad transfer Neil Antrassian (184) took a fourth-place finish, while Joe Haynes (125), Denton Spencer (149) and Hadyn Danals (184) took fifth-place finishes. Spencer was competing in an unattached capacity.

Three wrestlers took sixth-place finishes: Evan Buchanan (141), Michael Battista (197) and Gabe Christenson (HWT).

“All in all it was a really solid day for us. Our first years continue to really progress. They’ve been a spark for us since arriving on Grounds and really represented well today bringing home five championships. There was a lot of good wrestling as well, but the most important thing is we now have a really solid idea of what we can work on in the wrestling room on Monday.”

Virginia will return to action next weekend with wrestlers competing at the Mountaineer Open and the Mountaineer Invitational at Appalachian State on Saturday (Nov. 12).

Patrick McCormick
R16: McCormick dec. Aedyn Concepcion (Gardner-Webb), 6-2
QF: Nicholas Babin (Columbia) dec. McCormick, 7-2
Conso. R8-2: McCormick pinned Gio Diaz (Franklin & Marshall), 2:46
Conso. SF: Cooper Hilton (Boom Ranch) dec. McCormick, 2-1

Joe Haynes – Fifth-Place Finish
Haynes dec. Brandan Mendoza (Tiffin), 3-2
QF: Jack Wagner (UNC) dec. Haynes, 5-1
Conso. R8-2: Haynes tech fall Josman Gamez (Newberry), 17-0 (4:20)
Conso. SF: Haynes vs. pinned Chad Bellis (App. State), 1:29
FIFTH-PLACE MATCH: Cooper Hilton (Boom Ranch) dec. Haynes, 2-1

Erik Roggie

R16: Eathan Oakley (App. State) dec. Roggie, 10-4
Conso. R8-1: Mark McGowan (Blairstown WC) pinned Roggie, 0:34

Marlon Yarbrough – Third-Place Finish
Yarbrough major dec. Joe Manchio (NYC-RTC), 10-1
QF: Yarbrough major dec. Logan Heil (Campbell), 13-5
SF: Joey Melendez (UNC) pinned Yarbrough, 2:02
THIRD-PLACE MATCH: Yarbrough over Angelo Rini (Columbia) by medical forfeit

Evan Buchanan – Sixth-Place Finish
Buchanan major dec. Nate Cotroneo (Citadel), 8-0
QF: Collin Gerardi (VT) dec. Buchanan, 1-0
Conso. R8-2: Buchanan dec. Isaac Byers (App. State), 3-2
Conso. SF: Buchanan dec. Freddy Junko (VMI), 3-1
Fifth-Place Match: Matt Kazmir (Columbia) over Buchanan by medical forfeit 

Kyren Butler
R16: Butler over Zach Price (Gardner-Webb), injury default
QF: Lachlan McNeil (UNC) major dec. Butler, 15-3
Conso. R8-2: Butler tech fall Morgan Robinson (Roanoke College), 21-5 (5:26)
Conso. SF: Matt Kazmir (Columbia) dec. Butler, 2-1

Dylan Cedeno – Second-Place Finish
Cedeno tech fall Morgan Robinson (Roanoke), 18-2 (3:58)
QF: Cedeno major dec. Mason Clarke, 18-5
SF: Cedeno dec. Collin Gerardi (VT), 4-2
FINAL: Tom Crook (VT) dec. Cedeno, 7-3

Jarod Verkleeren – Third-Place Finish
R32: Verkleeren pinned Charley Barry (UNC), 1:15
R16: Verkleeren pinned Dylan Mansor (Tiffin), 3:39
QF: Verkleeren dec. Danny Nini (UNC), 1-0
SF: Sam Hillegas (West Virginia) dec. Verkleeren, 3-1
THIRD-PLACE MATCH: Verkleeren dec. Jayden Scott (UNC), 8-3

Denton Spencer – Fifth-Place Finish
R16: Jayden Scott (UNC) dec. Spencer, 3-2
Conso. 16 -R2: Spencer over Connor Alexander (UNC) by medical forfeit
Conso. 8-R1: Spencer pinned Matthew Zuckerman (Tiffin), 1:41

Conso. 8-R2: Spencer dec. Danny Nini (UNC), 6-2
Conso. SF: Spencer pinned Sincere Bailey (UNC), 3:45
FIFTH-PLACE MATCH: Spencer dec. Danny Fongaro (Columbia), 8-3

Gavin Cagle
Cesar Alvan (Columbia) dec. Cagle, 6-2
Conso. 8-R1: Clayton Ulrey (VT) dec. Cagle, 4-1

Dominic Isola
Sonny Santiago (unaffiliated) dec. Isola, 2-1
Conso. 8-R1: Isola dec. Andrew Garr (Columbia), 3-1
Conso. 8-R2: Isola dec. Brayden Roberts (West Virginia), 2-0
Conso. SF: Clayton Ulrey dec. Isola, 11-5

Nic Sansone
Sansone dec. Andrew Garr (Columbia), 10-5
R16: Sansone dec. Daniel Yetsick (Davidson), 7-1
QF: Caleb Dowling (West Virginia) dec. Sansone, 3-2
Conso. 8-R2: Clayton Ulrey (VT) dec. Sansone, 8-2

Rocco Contino
Scott Joll (West Virginia) dec. Contino, 10-6
Conso. 8-R1: Contino dec. Jack McGill (Columbia), 8-3
Conso. 8-R2: Aaron Ayserov (Columbia) dec. Contino, 7-2

Vic Marcelli – Third-Place Finish
R16: Marcelli dec. Noah Fox (Franklin & Marshall), 7-3
QF: Marcelli dec. Brett Mordecai (App. State), 4-1
SF: Clay Lautt (UNC) dec. Marcelli, 2-1
THIRD-PLACE MATCH: Marcelli over Mekhi Lewis (VT) by medical forfeit

Justin Phillips
R16: Phillips dec. Dayton Fields (Newberry), 6-3
QF: Nick Fine (Columbia) dec. Phillips, 10-3
Conso. R8-2: Kyle Mosher (Columbia) pinned Phillips, 3:49

Hudson Stewart
Aaron Ayserov (Columbia) dec. Stewart, 9-3
Conso. R8-1: Stewart dec. Jon Hoover (VMI), 3-1
Conso. R8-2: Stewart dec. Scott Joll (West Virginia), 8-3
Conso. SF: Kyle Mosher (Columbia) dec. Stewart, 10-8

Neil Antrassian – Fourth-Place Finish
Antrassian pinned Blah Danweih (UNC), 4:50
QF: Antrassian dec. Kyle Myers (West Virginia), 8-2
SF: Anthony Carman (West Virginia) dec. Antrassian, 5-4
THIRD-PLACE MATCH: Gavin Kane (UNC) dec. Antrassian, 6-3

Hadyn Danals – Fifth-Place Finish
Gavin Kane (UNC) dec. Danals, 6-1
Conso. 8-R2: Danals tech fall Kyle Myers (West Virginia), 16-1 (2:41)
Conso. SF: Danals tech fall Zach Brown (VMI), 15-0 (2:35)
FIFTH-PLACE MATCH: Danals dec. James Conway (Franklin & Marshall), 10-6 

Robby Patrick
R16: Zach Brown (VMI) dec. Patrick, 6-0
Conso. R8-1: Patrick tech fall Desmon Mason (Newberry), 18-0 (1:39)
Conso. R8-2: Patrick dec. Dennis Robin (West Virginia), 5-1
Conso. SF: James Conway (Franklin & Marshall) dec. Patrick, 4-2

Michael Battista – Sixth-Place Finish
Battista dec. Conor Maslanek (Campbell), 9-2
QF: John Crawford (Franklin & Marshall) dec. Battista, 3-2
Conso. 8-R2: Battista dec. Harrison Shapiro (Franklin & Marshall), 6-1
Conso. SF: Battista dec. Gavin Henry (Davidson), 8-2
FIFTH-PLACE MATCH: Tyler Mousaw (VMI) pinned Battista, 2:15

Gabe Christenson – Sixth-Place Finish
QF: Brandon Whitman (UNC) dec. Christenson, 3-1
Conso. R8-2: Christenson major dec. Chance Jackson (Newberry), 9-0
Conso. SF: Christenson dec. Luke Davis (Campbell), 7-2
FIFTH-PLACE MATCH: Daniel Conley (Columbia) dec. Christenson, 4-2

Jessie Knight
Devon Rice (Newberr) dec. Knight, 4-3
Conso. R8-1: Knight dec. Solomon Harris (VMI), 11-9
Conso. R8-2: Daniel Conley (Columbia) major dec. Knight, 8-1

Ethan Weatherspoon
QF: Jacob Sartorio (App. State) dec. Weatherspoon, 6-5
Conso. 8-R2: Daniel Conley (Columbia) dec. Weatherspoon, 4-1

Kyle Montaperto – First-Place Finish
R16: Montaperto tech fall Colby McBride (App. State), 22-6 (4:11)
QF: Montaperto dec. Mac Caferullo (Roanoke College), 14-8
SF: Montaperto major dec. Mason Leiphart (Franklin & Marshall), 15-5
FINAL: Montaperto major dec. Caelan Riley (Citadel), 17-5

Garrett Grice – First-Place Finish
Grice tech fall Ty Daugherty (Roanoke College), 21-5 (5:32)
R16: Grice major dec. Aiden O’Shea (Franklin & Marshall), 16-5
QF: Grice pinned Tharun Svetanant (unaffiliated), 6:58
SF: Grice major dec. Jackson Sichelstiel (Davidson), 18-5
FINAL: Grice major dec. Mark Samuel (Roanoke College), 16-5

Keyveon Roller – Third-Place Finish
Roller dec. Ethan Shell (App. State), 6-4
R16: Roller dec. Sean Hall (Roanoke College), 10-3
QF: Roller tech fall Brandon Sauter (Franklin & Marshall), 17-0 (7:00)
SF: Mark Samuel (Roanoke College) dec. Roller, 9-8
THIRD-PLACE MATCH: Roller dec. Jackson Sichelstiel (Davidson), 3-1

Michael Gioffre  – First-Place Finish
R32: Gioffre pinned Ryan Tucker (Tiffin), 1:40
R16: Gioffre tech fall Noah Frack (Davidson), 21-6 (5:38)
QF: Gioffre dec. Dominic Rosetti (Columbia), 3-1
SF: Gioffre dec. Richard Fedalan (Columbia), 2-1
FINAL: Gioffre dec. Brayden Ivy (West Virginia), 3-2

Mason Stefanelli – Fifth-Place Finish
R16: Colin Dupill (unaffiliated) dec. Stefanelli, 4-3
Conso. R16-2: Stefanelli dec. Nolan Gessler (Tiffin), 5-0
Conso. R8-1: Stefanelli dec. Nicholas Grizzales (App. State), 10-4
Conso. R8-2: Stefanelli over Dominic Rosetti (Columbia) by medical forfeit
Conso. SF: Stefanelli dec. Hayden Watson (Citadel), 8-1
FIFTH-PLACE MATCH: Stefanelli dec. Colin Dupill (unaffiliated), 6-2

Robert Avila
R16: Nicholas Alvarez (Franklin & Marshall) dec. Avila, 13-9
Conso. R8-1: Avila pinned Nick Cicciarelli (West Virginia), 3:21
Conso. R8-2: Connor Kievman (Columbia) over Avila by injury default

Nick Sanko – First-Place Finish
R32: Sanko major dec. Nick Cicciarelli (West Virginia), 10-2
R16: Sanko dec. Andrew McDougal (Roanoke College), 9-4
QF: Sanko over Casey Barnett (Tiffin) by medical forfeit
SF: Sanko dec. Tanner Peake (Davidson), 12-5
FINAL: Sanko tech fall Thomas Snipes (Citadel), 18-3 (5:45)

Nick Hamilton – First-Place Finish
R16: Hamilton pinned Aiden Lentz (Citadel), 2:34
QF: Hamilton major dec. David Reid (Roanoke College), 14-5
SF: Hamilton major dec. Braxton Lewis (VMI), 14-5
FINAL: Hamilton dec. Ty Finn (VT), 5-2