LAS VEGAS – A pair of Cavaliers advanced to day two of the 2023 US Open Championships on Saturday (April 29) as Colden Dorfman and Nick Sanko led a group of Virginia wrestlers in competition in the U20 Freestyle division at the annual event.

Dorfman raced through the bracket at 92kg on Saturday, advancing to the semifinals before falling to Joey Braunagel. His run included wins over seventh-seeded Torin Forsyth and second-seeded Noah Pettigrew. Dorfman now waits to find out who is opponent will be in Sunday’s match.

Sanko went 5-1 on the day, advancing to the round of 16 before suffering his only loss of the day. He closed the Saturday session with a win over No. 14 seed Garvin Brown to move on to the second day of competition. Sanko won all five matches by technical superiority.


  • Jack Gioffre (65kg) went 4-2 on the day with three wins by technical superiority and one victory by fall.
  • Michael Gioffre (70kg) went 3-2 on the day after earning an opening-round bye. All three of his wins were by technical superiority.
  • Nick Hamilton (74kg) went 4-2 on the day.

Kyren Butler
Kaden Kaiser over Butler by VPO1, 5-2
Conso. R64-2: Butler over Joe Fongaro by VPO1, 8-6
Conso. R32-1: Evan Frost over Butler by VPO1, 15-10

Jack Gioffre
R128: Gioffre over Riis Hinrichs by VSU, 10-0 (0:51)
R64: Gioffre over Kyle Rice by VSU, 10-0 (2:31)
R32: No. 5 seed Tyler Kasak over Gioffre by VPO1, 8-4
Conso. R32-2: Gioffre over Matthias Valdez by VSU, 10-0 (0:55)
Conso. R16-1: Gioffre over Blake Cushing by fall (2:22)
Conso. R16-2: Jacob Mann over Gioffre by VPO1, 10-8 

Michael Gioffre
R64: Gioffre over Logan Ours by VSU, 11-0 (5:00)
R32: No. 15 seed Maxwell Peterson over Gioffre by VPO1, 11-8
Conso. R32-2: Gioffre over Joe Antonio by VSU1, 12-1 (2:12)
Conso. R16-1: Gioffre over Cade Wirnsberger by VSU1, 12-1 (3:57)
Conso. R16-2: Ryder Downey over Gioffre by VSU, 12-0 (4:35)

Nick Sanko
Sanko over Xavier Guerrero by VSU1, 13-2 (2:49)
R64: Sanko over Ethan Barr by VSU, 10-0 (0:37)
R32: Sanko over Peyton Harris by VSU, 10-0 (0:25)
R16: Paniro Johnson over Sanko by VSU, 10-0 (2:32)
Conso. R16-2: Sanko over Connor Euton by VSU1, 16-2 (1:40)
Conso. R8-1: Sanko over No. 14 seed Garvin Brown by VSU1, 12-2 (1:29)
Conso. R8-2: Sanko vs. No. 12 seed John Wiley on Sunday

Mason Stefanelli
R128: Stefanelli over Nicholas Gizales by VPO1, 9-6
R64: Bye
R32: No. 5 seed Beau Mantanona over Stefanelli by VPO1, 7-3
Conso. R32-2: No. 2 seed Jaden Skellenger over Stefanelli by VSU1, 13-2 (4:49) 

No. 13 seed Nick Hamilton
R128: Bye
R64: Hamilton over Hunter Andel by VSU, 10-0 (4:01)
R32: Nick Fea over Hamilton by VPO1, 5-2
Conso. R32-2: Hamilton over Mateo de la Pena by VPO1, 8-6
Conso. R16-1: Hamilton over Cash Stewart by VPO1, 7-3
Conso. R16-2: Hamilton over Jude Link by VPO, 9-0
Conso. R8-1: Max Brignola over Hamilton by VPO1, 4-2 

No. 11 seed Griffin Gammell
R128: Bye
R64: Carsten Rawls over Gammell by VPO1, 15-8
Conso. R32-2: Gammell over No. 12 seed Talmadge Carman by VSU1, 11-1 (4:42)
Conso. R16-1: No. 6 seed Jackson Dewald over Gammell by fall (3:33) 

Colden Dorfman
R32: Dorfman over Jacob Medina by VSU, 10-0 (0:26)
R16: Dorfman over No. 7 seed Torin Forsyth by VSU 1, 12-1 (3:34)
QF: Dorfman over No. 2 seed Noah Pettigrew by forfeit
SF: Joey Braunagel over Dorfman by fall (2:02)
Conso. SF: Dorfman vs. TBD on Sunday