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May 20, 1999

“I thought Ormond threw the ball well for them. Obviously, he ran into alittle bit of a problem there. We needed to get off to a real good start,pitching-wise, and we didn’t. Probably for us the key inning was when wehad the bases loaded. I think we ended up getting one run. Other than thatwe strike out when all we have to do is put the ball in action somewhere.We just had two bad at-bats. But you have to give Ormond credit. He gotthe ground ball and he got the strikeouts.”

(On the possibility of six ACC teams advancing to NCAA Regional play)”I think those six teams all deserve it. People look at NC State and maysay they are on the bubble… I think you need to look at the schedule theyhave played. There is no way there are 64 teams better than NC State.We’ve got six quality teams who will represent the ACC.”

“This is a difficult game to play. Difficult for us, difficult for Virginia. Both ofus are coming off disappointing losses last night. Getting the lead was very,very important. At 6-1, I felt very, very comfortable. Rodney (Ormond)was throwing ver, very well. They pieced a few hits together to get back init and Jason Smith made an unbelievable play in the eighth inning. If hedoesn’t make that play, we might be sitting here talking about somethingelse.”

“Everybody talks about (Matt) Postell’s performance today, but we’veseen it for 58 games. Matt’s had an unbelievable year. He hasn’t had aslump yet, knock on wood. It’s unbelievable what he’s done this year. He’shit from day one and hasn’t stopped hitting. He’s put together a senior yearthat I think is absolutely unbelievable.”

“We feel good about our chances. We have such a deep bullpen. Carey(Mattison) has struggled a little bit with his control down the stretch and atthe end of the game like that you want somebody who is going to throwstrikes. If you’re going to lose, it’s going to be like last night on singles andhome runs, not on a couple of walks and stuff like that. I didn’t want to sitthere and think about going home from this great tournament without oneof our best pitchers all year getting a chance to throw.”

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