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July 15, 1999

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Terry Holland, former basketball coach at Virginia andthe school’s athletic director for four years, says he expects to decide by theweekend whether to become basketball coach at Minnesota.

In a copyright story for Thursday’s editions, the Star Tribune said Hollandwas offered a seven-year contract that would pay him close to $1 million peryear, $500,000 of that from outside sources such as basketball camps and shoedeals.

Holland told the newspaper after he met with the search committee and touredthe facilities Wednesday that he hadn’t yet accepted the job. He planned to flyback to Virginia on Thursday morning to think about it.

“The main thing is making sure for both parties that it is the rightthing,” Holland said. “As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people have said tome, and they have probably said to folks here at the University of Minnesota,this is a natural. But we need to make sure.”

Holland said he, athletic director Mark Dienhart and assistant AD JeffSchemmel talked about how his contract should be structured. There has beencriticism about the contract of Clem Haskins, who resigned in wake of anacademic fraud scandal but got a $1.5 million buyout.

“We’re still working on the contract,” Holland said. “We haven’t come toany final conclusion.”

Holland told the Star Tribune he does not want to return to administrationif he takes the Minnesota job.

“I would want a contract that very clearly says that, that I’m here tocoach basketball for the rest of my career,” he said. “If I do this, Icertainly have no interest in going back into administration again.”

Holland had a 418-216 record in 21 seasons as coach at Davidson andVirginia, holding the latter job from 1975 through 1990.

Holland comes highly recommended.

Among those pushing Holland for the job are Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany,Wake Forest coach Dave Odom and Kentucky athletic director C.M. Newton.

If Holland, one of the highest-paid athletic directors in the country atabout $250,000 a year, turns down the Gophers, Jim Crews, a former Indianaassistant and head coach at Evansville the past 13 years, is said to be next onthe list.

Schemmel made it clear Holland is their first choice.

“We’ve offered him the job,” Schemmel told the Star Tribune.

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