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Work in the stadium complex continued in the South Endzone, East and WestParking and Concourse areas, Presidents’/Press Boxes, and the North EndzonePlaza. The personnel on site increased to an average of 205 per day.Specific work in these 4 areas was as follows:

South Endzone – The major construction effort continued with the cast inplace work over 50% complete, the 2nd floor structure of Bryant Hallcomplete, and the supporting structure for the lower bowl complete. Theplacing of the precast concrete seating in the lower Endzone bowl is 90%complete and is scheduled for completion by 9 July. Additionally, thecast-in-place concrete seating in the Southeast and Southwest corners is85% complete with a targeted completion of 15 July. Work on the level 4area also commenced with the 1st formwork now being visible on the Eastside. Masonry, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, plumbing, andmetal stud installation continued on level 1 of Bryant Hall.

East and West parking and concourse areas – The underground utilityinstallations on the East and West sides of the Stadium are now over 90%complete and the site work is over 40% complete. The work on the retainingwalls continued.

President’s/Press Boxes – Foundation work is now 100% complete and the newstructural steel installation has started on both the East and West sides.

Northend Plaza – Work continued with the underground utility installationsover 95% complete and the earthwork over 50% complete. All of the newretaining walls are now in place with brickwork ongoing, and the soil isbeing brought up to grade level behind the walls.



The construction intensity in all areas of the complex will continuethroughoutthis month. Interior work (block work, mechanical, electrical, plumbing,etc.) in Bryant Hall level 1 and the Bryant Hall seating bowl structuralwork will continue, and the aluminum seats will be installed in August.The President’s/Press Box areas structural work will continue as will theNorthEndzone landscaping and retaining wall installation, East and West parkingand concourse.

State Fire Marshal Inspection
An inspection by the State Fire Marshall of the completed Scoreboardstructure and the egress plans for temporary stadium occupancy during the’99 season is planned for 22 July. Also at that time the overall plans forthe completed stadium in the year 2000 will be reviewed on site and anyadditional life safety requirements identified will be addressed.

System Testing
It is currently planned to test all of the electronic systems on 21 Julyfrom 10:00 a.m. – 2 p.m. including the video board, speaker system, fieldmicrophones,scoreboard, 25 second clocks and all other support systems utilized on gameday. This will be in preparation for the opening home game on 18 September.

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