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Oct. 17, 2000

Player Diary: Alecko Eskandarian

Alecko Eskandarian is a first-year forward for the Virginia Men’s Soccer team. A New Jersey native, Alecko chronicles his experiences as a first year traveling for the first time to Clemson University, where the Cavs took on the Tigers this past Sunday, October 15th. He writes about the days leading to and the day of the game versus Clemson. Alecko is the son of Andranik and Anna Eskandarian. His father played professional soccer for the New York Cosmos. His brother, Ara, currently plays for Villanova University.

October 12

It is about 30 minutes past midnight and I have just finished studying for a Physics Mid-Term that most of us on the team have to take tomorrow. It has been a long day. We had a pretty good practice today. I think we all realize that our game this Sunday versus Clemson will be huge as they are ranked pretty high and are on a pretty impressive win-streak. We understand it will be a close, physical game, and the team with the most heart and smarts will win. I think we have picked it up a notch in practice. We are getting focused for what will probably be the toughest opponent we have played so far. As for me, I really don’t know what to expect since I am a first-year. However, the upper-classmen have helped me adapt tremendously. They give me confidence whenever I feel as though I am struggling. Well, I gotta go to bed now … I need some sleep.

October 13

Right now I am just relaxing in my room after returning from dinner with some of the guys. We received our scouting report on Clemson today and I think it will make for a good game. Personally, I’m a little bit nervous about the game. I think it’s better when I am a bit nervous … it helps to keep me on my toes.

October 14

We just got off the bus arriving at Clemson. It was a long, boring drive down and I didn’t enjoy it much. I spent most of the time just sleeping and listening to music. Anyway, we are here now and my mind is on the game. I’m gonna leave for dinner now, so Sheldon [Barnes] (my roomie) and I have to leave. Also, much love goes to our women’s soccer team…we found out that they beat James Madison tonight.

October 15


Last night I received some treatment for my various injuries from our awesome trainers, Kirsten [Rossner-Buchanan] and Kate [DuPont]. Then, Dan the Man [Danny Mistry], our team doctor, gave me a massage to help my muscles relax so I can be better prepared for the game. I pretty much keep the same routine before games as far as getting treatment – get a massage, get some rest, and listen to music to help focus. Listening to DMX and Nelly really loosens me up before a game. At the same time, the music inspires me to be fearless against my opponent. Well, we are nearing Clemson’s stadium. Hopefully the next time I check-in I will have a big smile on my face, riding home with an important victory for our team.

October 16

Well, I have a really big smile on my face. WE JUST BEAT CLEMSON 3-2! It was a difficult game as we were trailing 2-1 at the half. Regardless, Coach and the rest of the guys were confident that we would score … and we did. Now, we are on our long ride back home and I am just relaxing. As a first-year, this season has been a great experience. I learn something new every day. All my teammates have been very helpful. It’s been tough at times to balance out school, soccer, and a normal life, but that’s what the college experience is all about. I’m really tired so I am going to sleep now. I’m glad we won and I pray everyone recovers from their injuries and we may continue to come together as a team and keep winning games. Bye!

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