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Nov. 3, 2001



Every game this year has gone right down to the wire and we’ve won our share, but not as many as we hoped. We’ve lost some heartbreakers. It is really nice for them to break through and get a win. They showed a lot of determination and the thing I’m most proud of is they never thought the game was over, even after the last [Virginia] score. We told our kids we just have to get into field goal range and tie it up. I don’t Jason Anderson heard that, and I’m glad he didn’t. … It was really more of a possession throw for us, but we’ll take the result.

It is nice to get a win. It is always nice to get a win on the road and it is especially nice to get a win here at Scott Stadium. I’m more happy for our players. We’ve lost to Virginia 17 years in a row and it is nice for our kids to get that one off their backs..On the play of QB James MacPherson: I’ve got to tell you, I was pretty hard on him at halftime. I was tired of seeing all of those jump-ball situations. He’s better than that. He’s a smart kid and he’s got to do the things that help us win rather than taking chances. And what a great second half he had. He stepped up to the challenge and played really well. I’m proud of all of these guys, but he particularly showed a lot of courage. He could have easily folded his tent and he didn’t do that.

Both teams played real hard. Both teams made a lot of plays. Both teams showed the will to fight and come back. In the long run, they had one more play in them than we did. We had our chance to win the game and we couldn’t come up with the play. That creates a very disappointing loss for us.

(On the touchdown that put Wake ahead for good) I’ve seen that ball get intercepted against that coverage and the game is over. That’s what’s particularly disappointing about it. We could have played the coverage better. Had we, perhaps the outcome would have been different.

(On the play of the offensive line) Obviously they played well enough to put 30 points on the board, but by the same token we left a lot of points out on the field.

(On use of Womack) We used him for pass protection. One of the things he does well is that he’s probably the best pass-protecting back on the team. That was a called pass play. Pearman had taken quite a few hits in the game. Foreman was not available today, so we put Antoine in for pass protection purposes.

The only time we can spend more time on special teams is not to practice anything else. I don’t know what else to do. There’s nothing else you can do with the coverage. When you run down there you’ve got to make some plays in the open field.

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