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Nov. 11, 2001

MORGANTOWN, W.V. – The University of Virginia wrestling team began the regular season portion of its 2001 schedule by competing in the 20th annual West Virginia Open. The Cavaliers had 14 of their 24 participants finish with a .500 record or better, including eight wrestlers who finished with a winning record in the tournament. Virginia was highlighted by Jimi Massey (Williamsport, Md./Williamsport) who finished 4-1 at 184 and finished runner-up in the class.

After posting back-to-back major decision victories over Brent Blackwell (14-4) and Canaan Prater (12-1), Massey defeated Mark Shrout (11-6) and Anthony DeBaido (3-2) to meet Maryland’s Jake Stork in the 184 championship. Stork earned a hard-fought 9-7 decision to give Massey runner-up honors by placing second in the weight class.

First-year newcomers Will Durkee (Pittsburgh, Pa./Shady Side Academy) and Paul Dunstan (Oberlin, Ohio/St. Edwards) each turned in an impressive finish in their first collegiate competition event. Durkee finished 5-2 at 165 and won five of his first six matches, while Dunstan went 4-2 at 149 after winning four of his first five bouts. True-freshman Byron Dunlap (York, Pa./Dallastown) and redshirt-freshman Paul Bjorlo (Reston, Va./South Lakes) each turned in a 3-2 record at 125 and 149, respectively. After dropping his first bout, Dunlap won three consecutive matches including an 8-0 major decision victory over David Freidman. Bjorlo won three of his first four matches, including an 11-5 decision over Maryland’s Matt Kenny.

Virginia’s heavyweight duo of Josh Etu (Queensbury, N.Y./Queensbury) and Ryan Painter (Rainelle, W.V./Rainelle) gave the Cavaliers a solid one-two punch in the class. Etu won his first two matches after pinning Aaron Ferrance and earning a 4-2 decision over Reuben Daniels before having to withdraw from competition. Painter won three of his first four matches including an 8-5 decision over Davidson’s Shawn Reynolds.

The Cavaliers’ Brian Muir (Toms River, N.J./Toms River North) finished 4-2 at 174 and won four of his first five matches, including three consecutive bouts. Included in Muir’s four wins was a technical fall victory over Jake Perry and a 10-2 major decision of Maryland’s Barry Stein.

Virginia will return to action on Saturday, November 17th when UVa travels to Ithaca, N.Y. to compete in the 2001 Cornell Invitational. The meet is scheduled to begin at 9:00 a.m.

Result Opponents Results

125L Leslie Morrow (unat.) def. Eric Hawes (UVa) 10-7W Eric Hawes (UVa) def. Greg White (unat.) 8-1W Eric Hawes (UVa) def. Jason Dariaux (unat.) Fall @ 1:07L Juan Sanchez (unat.) def. Eric Hawes (UVa) 10-7

125L Tyrone Hodge (unat.) def. Byron Dunlap (UVa) 6-4W Byron Dunlap (UVa) def. David Freidman (unat.) MD, 8-0W Byron Dunlap (UVa) def. Doug Curnes (West Liberty St.) 3-1W Byron Dunlap (UVa) def. Chris Moore (Citadel) 8-2L Adam Smith (Penn State) def. Byron Dunlap (UVa) 7-3

133L Seth Lisa (unat.) def. Matt Viola (UVa) 8-2W Matt Viola (UVa) def. Ed Rebitz (Maryland) FallL Joe Guzzo (Maryland) def. Matt Viola (UVa) Fall

141W Bob Seidel (UVa) def. Cam Lawke (Duke) 9-3W Bob Seidel (UVa) def. Mike Allen (Ohio) Fall @ 2:29L Joe Clark (unat.) def. Bob Seidel (UVa) 3-1L Brandon York (Maryland) def. Bob Seidel (UVa) MD, 17-3

141W Jim Hartey (UVa) def. Tom Prato (unat.) FallL Brandon York (Maryland) def. Jim Hartey (UVa) 8-4W Jim Hartey (UVa) def. Brian Dixon (Gardner-Webb) 6-0L Ron Tarquino (unat.) def. Jim Hartey (UVa) 5-2

141L Scott Moore (Penn State) def. Steve Keleher (UVa) Fall @ 4:55W Steve Keleher (UVa) def. Jason Jones (unat.) 10-6W Steve Keleher (UVa) def. Mike Allen (Ohio) 11-5L Jason Woodall (Penn State) def. Steve Keleher (UVa) Inj. Def.

149L Harley Anderson (unat.) def. Reed Landry (UVa) Fall @ 7:29W Reed Landry (UVa) def. John Christopher (UVa) Inj. Def.L Luke Palmziano (Duke) def. Reed Landry (UVa) Fall @ 5:02

149W Paul Dunstan (UVa) def. Nick Harpster (unat.) 5-4W Paul Dunstan (UVa) def. Eric Mullen (unat.) 7-3L JarMarr Billman (Lock Haven) def. Paul Dunstan (UVa) MD, 18-6W Paul Dunstan (UVa) def. Ben Geurrina (Virginia Tech) 9-4W Paul Dunstan (UVa) def. Adam Decasmo (unat.) Fall @ 5:35L Billy Smith (unat.) def. Paul Dunstan (UVa)

149L Jake Perciual (Ohio) def. John Christopher (UVa) Inj. Def.L Reed Landry (UVa) def. John Christopher (UVa) Inj. Def.

149W Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Wayne Watts (unat.) 8-3W Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Rob Truesdale (unat.) 7-1L Billy Smith (unat.) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa) 7-3W Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Matt Kenny (Maryland) 11-5L Adam James (unat.) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa) 3-2

157L Taylor Letters (unat.) def. Don Carlo-Clauss (UVa) 7-5W Don Carlo-Clauss (UVa) def. David Beard (Lock Haven) MD, 11-3W Don Carlo-Clauss (UVa) def. Don Rush (Pittsburgh) 7-2L Nathan Galloway (NLNC) def. Don Carlo-Clauss (UVa) 2-1

157W Tim Foley (UVa) def. Justin Knapp (Virginia Tech) FallL Adam Britt (unat.) def. Tim Foley (UVa) MD, 13-5L Warren Stout (Lehigh) def. Tim Foley (UVa) 7-2

157W Matt Gallagher (UVa) def. Jonathan Johnson (unat.) Fall @ :44L Matt Lebe (unat.) def. Matt Gallagher (UVa) 5-2L Derek Zinck (unat.) def. Matt Gallagher (UVa) Fall @ 3:20

157L Jeremy Reitz (unat.) def. Scott Douglas (UVa) FallL Robert Pritz (Gardner-Webb) def. Scott Douglas (UVa) MD, 18-8

165L Brandon Furman (Lock Haven) def. Cartney Curnuck (UVa) 5-4L Mark O’Hair (Davidson) def. Cartney Curnuck (UVa) 8-4

165W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Matt Catullo (Pittsburgh)L Eric Ring (unat.) def. Will Durkee (UVa) 2-1W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Craig PeQuiGuot (unat.) 7-2W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Mark O’Hair (Davidson) 2-1W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Jesse Grashnick (unat.) 6-5W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Matt LaMatte (West Liberty St.) 3-0L Matt Hoover (Duke) def. Will Durkee (UVa) 3-2

174W Brian Muir (UVa) def. Barry Stein (Maryland) MD, 10-2L Ciff Wonsetter (Penn State) def. Brian Muir (UVa)W Brian Muir (UVa) def. Sam Stewart (West Liberty St.)W Brian Muir (UVa) def. Jake Perry (unat.) TFW Brian Muir (UVa) def. Travis Smith (Ohio) 9-7L Greg Parker (unat.) def. Brian Muir (UVa) 5-0

174L Matt Erwin (unat.) def. Steve Mazzola (UVa) MD, 14-5W Steve Mazzola (UVa) def. Jake Luffy (unat.) Fall @ 1:38L Erik Wince (unat.) def. Steve Mazzola (UVa) MD, 13-3

184W Jimi Massey (UVa) def. Brent Blackwell (unat.) MD, 14-4W Jimi Massey (UVa) def. Canaan Prater (unat.) MD, 12-1W Jimi Massey (UVa) def. Mark Shrout (Ohio) 11-6W Jimi Massey (UVa) def. Anthony DeBaido (unat.) 3-2L Jake Stork (Maryland) def. Jimi Massey (UVa) 9-7

197L David Sandberg (Pittsburgh) def. Andy DeMartino (UVa) 7-2L Joel Edwards (Penn State) def. Andy DeMartino (UVa) 6-5

197L Brent Miller (unat.) def. Scott Mania (UVa) 10-7W Scott Mania (UVa) def. Pat Jamiszewski (West Liberty St.) Fall @ :28W Scott Mania (UVa) def. Matt Beed (Ohio) 2-1L Daeaon Smith (Duke) def. Scott Mania (UVa) MD, 16-4

HWTW Josh Etu (UVa) def. Aaron Ferrance (Bloomsburg) FallW Josh Etu (UVa) def. Reuben Daniels (unat.) 4-2L Josh Walker (Penn State) def. Josh Etu (UVa) Inj. Def.

HWTW Ryan Painter (UVa) def. Shawn Reynolds (Davidson) 8-5W Ryan Painter (UVa) def. Tom Long (unat.) 5-1L John Testa (unat.) def. Ryan Painter (UVa) 6-3W Ryan Painter (UVa) def. Dan Stack (unat.) 4-2L Jacob Lininger (Pittsburgh) def. Ryan Painter (UVa) 5-0

HWTL Jeramiah Beltran (Ohio) def. Matt Magerko (UVa) 7-4W Matt Magerko (UVa) def. Caleb Smith (App. State) 5-1L Dan Stack (unat.) def. Matt Magerko (UVa) Fall

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