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ITHACA, N.Y. – The University of Virginia wrestling team competed in their second tournament of the year on Saturday (11/17) at the 2001 Body Bar Invitational at Cornell. Seven of Virginia’s 16 wrestlers competing finished with records at or above .500. Jimi Massey (Williamsport, Md./Williamsport) posted the Cavaliers’ best finish, placing second in the 184 weight class.

Massey defeated Nate Richard of Cornell by major decision (15-5) and Jon Carlisle of Campbell (4-3) before wrestling Clint Wattenberg of Cornell for the Championship. Wattenberg defeated Massey 11-3, giving Massey second place in the 184 weight class.

Second-year Tim Foley (Stafford, Va./Brooke Point) and third-year Don Carlo-Clauss (Rochester, N.Y./Greece Olympia) finished fourth and fifth respectively at 157. Carlo-Clauss finished 4-2 and Foley went 3-2, with Foley defeating Carlo-Clauss in a head-to-head match by a score of 11-6. Foley’s victories included a major decision (14-4) over Jeremy Conner of Army to secure fourth place.

At 165, fourth-year Cartney Curnuck (Levittown, N.Y./MacArthur) took fourth place. Curnuck won three consecutive matches before being defeated by Ron Schroeder of Army in the match for third place, by a fall at 1:26. Curnuck compiled a 4-2 record for the tournament, including two victories by fall over Brian Horum of Cornell at 3:00 and Ray Callaway of Cornell at 1:26.

Josh Etu (Queensbury, N.Y./Queensbury) and Ryan Painter (Rainelle, W.V./Rainelle) finished third and fourth, respectively, in the heavyweight class. The two wrestled for third place, with Etu defeating Painter after earning a 1-1 decision in a tie break criteria match. At the end of the day, Painter’s record was 2-2, and Etu’s record was 3-1.

Virginia placed fifth overall in the tournament, with 92 points. Cornell placed first with a score of 156.50. The Cavaliers return to action on November 30th in the Las Vegas Invitational.

Here is a look at Virginia’s individual results from the 2001 Body Bar Invitational at Cornell:

Team Standings

Place		Team			Points1.		Cornell			156.502.		Drexel			144.503.		Army			128.004.		Cleveland State		102.005.		Virginia		92.006.		Campbell		40.007.		Ithaca			31.00

W/L Opponents Score125W Byron Dunolp (UVa) def. Mike Mormile (Cornell) 4-3L Rocco Meneueto (Cleveland State) def. Byron Dunlop (UVa) 7-2L Matt Magennle (Army) def. byron Dunlop (UVa) 6-2

125L Travis Lee (Cornell) def. Eric Hawes (UVa) Fall @ 2:53L Mike Mormile (Cornell) def. Eric Hawes (UVa) 9-7

149L Matt Kennett (Drexel) def. Reed Landry (UVa) FallL Keenan Beach (Ithaca) def. Reed Landry (UVa) 8-5

149L Tom Waldron (Cornell) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa) 4-3W Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. David Fultz (Army) 7-5L Keenan Beach (Ithaca) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa) 1-0

157W Don Carlo-Clauss (UVa) def. Seth Lind(Ithaca) F @5:30L Andy Tieben (Cornell) def. Don Carlo-Clauss (UVa) 4-0W Don Carlo-Clauss (UVa) def. Joe Mazzurco (Cornell) 4-3W Don Carlo-Clauss (UVa) def. Vic Arena (Campbell) 12-5L Tim Foley (UVa) def. Don Carlo-Clauss (UVa) 11-6W Don Carlo-Clauss (UVa) def. Jason Staso (Drexel) 7-2 Fifth Place157W Tim Foley (UVa) def. Joe Mazzurco (Cornell) 9-3W Tim Foley (UVa) def. Jason Staso (Drexel) 7-6L Gabe Webster (Cornell) def. Tim Foley (UVa) 7-2W Tim Foley (UVa) def. Don Carlo-Clauss (UVa) 11-6L Jeremy Conner (Army) def. Tim Foley (UVa) MD, 14-4 Fourth Place157L Jeremy Connor (Army) def. Matt Gallagher (UVa) Fall @ 6:01W Matt Gallagher (UVa) def. Mike Smith (Cleveland State) Fall @ 2:25L Jason Staso (Drexel) def. Matt Gallagher (UVa) 7-5

165W Cartney Curnuck (UVa) def. Brian Horum (Cornell) Fall @ 3:00L Scott Roth (Cornell) def. Cartney Curnuck (UVa) 13-9W Cartney Curnuck (UVa) def. Dave Weighn (Cornell) 9-7W Cartney Curnuck (UVa) def. Ray Callaway (Cornell) Fall @ 2:50W Cartney Curnuck (UVa) def. Jason Effner (Cleveland State) Med. Forf.L Ron Schroeder (Army) def. Cartney Curnuck (UVa) Fall @ 1:26 Fourth Place

174L Gerald Harris (Cleveland State) def. Steve Mazzola (UVa) Fall @ 1:25L Craig Cooper (Army) def. Steve Mazzola (UVa) MD, 15-3

174W Brian Muir (UVa) def. Craig Cooper (Army) 5-3L Jim Stanco (Cornell) def. Brian Muir (UVa) MD, 14-6W Brian Muir (UVa) def. Lantz Nixon (Campbell) 12-5L Ben Chunko (Drexel) def. Brian Muir (UVa) 8-4 Fourth Place184L Clint Wattenberg (Cornell) def. Jason Leneay (UVa) Tec. Fall, 18-2, 5:18W Jason Leneay (UVa def. Evan Pohaski (Cornell) Disq.L Nate Richard (Cornell) def. Jason Leneay (UVa) Med. Forf.

184W Jimi Massey (UVa) def. Nate Richard (Cornell) MD, 15-5W Jimi Massey (UVa) def. Jon Carlisle (Campbell) 4-3L Clint Wattenberg (Cornell) def. Jimi Massey (UVa) MD, 11-3 Second Place197L Mike Bollinger (Cornell) def. Andy Demartino (UVa) MD, 15-1L Tom Anderson (Army) def. Andy Demartino (UVa) 8-6

197L Chris Jones (Drexel) def. Scott Mania (UVa) MD, 11-2L Ryan Gruver (Cornell) def. Scott Mania (UVa) Fall @3:38

HWTW Ryan Painter (UVa) def. Seth Rek (Ithaca) 3-2L Russ Davis (Cleveland State) def. Ryan Painter (UVa) 7-3W Ryan Painter (UVa) def. Tanner Cerand (Cornell) 3-2L Josh Etu (UVa) def. Ryan Painter (UVa) TB, 1-1 Fourth PlaceHWTW Josh Etu (UVa) def. Dennis Campbell (Campbell) 6-2L Mike Carroll (Drexel) def. Josh Etu (UVa) TB, 1-1W Josh Etu (UVa) def. Bill Baird (Army) Fall @ 0:07W Josh Etu (UVa) def. Ryan Painter (UVa) TB, 1-1 Third Place

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