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Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:03 PM ET ) Hello everyone!!! I’m ready for your questions!!!!

Lynchburg, Va: Virginia’s obvious problem last year was winning away from U-Hall. Do you or the team have any strategy to improve on that (while maintaining our home record) ?

Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:04 PM ET ) That’s a good question. We struggled last year on the road but we were inexperienced. We have a lot of veterans so we have been through the battle and should be fine on the road.

Josh (New York): What aspect of your game did you work on the most in the summer, and what are other potential areas of improvement?

Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:05 PM ET ) This summer I tried to fine tune my game and work on my ballhandling. I also worked on my shooting to be more consistent.

peyton (dc): who’s your basketball hero?

Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:05 PM ET ) Michael Jordan. I really looked up to him and Isaiah Thomas also.

Liz (Alexandria, VA): i’m confident that your team has all the parts to be quite a success, how’s the chemistry?

Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:06 PM ET ) The chemistry right now is great. I haven’t been on a team that feels as much like a family as this team. We are close on and off the court.

Scott (Charlottesville): Roger, I was wondering which of the guard positions you would rather be playing? I’d like to see you at 2, where you can score at will and manhandle the opponents.

Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:07 PM ET ) Yeah, suprisingly I am really enjoying playing the point. Having so many weapons on this team, it is fun getting everyone involved and I can still score. My natural position is the 2 and I can play that whenever.

Jay (Charlotte, NC): How have you enjoyed your first 2+ years in Charlottesville?

Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:09 PM ET ) It has been two of the best years of my life. Just the experience and the strong academics and meeting new friends. I’m looking forward to the rest of my time here.

Erez: Do you anticipate anyone on the team, including yourself, would leave early for the pros?

Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:10 PM ET ) I don’t anticipate it now. Everyone enjoys playing here and we have some unfinished business on the court.

Chas (Bremo): When you committed to UVa, it was a struggling program. What was it that convinced you to join the team and how is it having Coach Gillen for an in-house visit?

Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:11 PM ET ) I wanted to be a part of helping a program get back into the Top Ten and get back to being an elite team. Coach Gillen just made me feel like I could be a part of something special.

The visit was a nice experience. He is really funny and he makes you feel comfortable.

Peter (Charlottesville): Does it hurt Virginia to not have played in a tough early season tournament going into Wednesday’s game against Michigan State?

Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:12 PM ET ) I don’t think so. The season is still early. We are looking forward to it and we are playing well. We are looking forward to the challenge.

Leigh: Norfolk, VA: Roger, Do you think UVA could make it to the “Sweet Sixteen” this year?

Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:13 PM ET ) Definitly. I feel we are capable of that and more. We just have to gel at the right time. We have enough talent to do that and more.

Jay (Charlotte, NC): Roger,

How does the team plan to handle Michigan State’s size and rebounding on the inside? Do you think Elton Brown and J.C. Mathis will step up to help Travis Watson inside?

Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:14 PM ET ) MSU was one of the best rebounding teams last year but so were we. We are just going to try and outwork them and match their intensity.

Bryan: Who do you think are the most annoying fans in the ACC?

Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:14 PM ET ) Most annoying fans … probably Duke. No actually, Clemson, their aren’t as many of them on the court but you can really hear them!

Good Counsel Hood: Good luck this season. Though I’m a huge MD fan, I’m a fan of yours. I saw you play against Joe and Keith at GW in your senior years. Do you ever see those guys or play pick up during the summer with them?

Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:15 PM ET ) Yes. We all hang out and play ball. They are great friends of mine and I love watching them!

NYC: Hi Roger, how would you rate the play of the 4 Freshman (Brown, Harper, Clark, and KJ) thus far?

Roger Mason, Jr.: (3:17 PM ET ) I think they are progressing wonderfully. They don’t get the attention but I think they are one of the best groups of freshman in the country. They will help us greatly this year.

Thanks for all the questions and all the support. I want to say Happy Birthday to my sister Lauren!! Thanks everyone!!

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