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March 17, 2002

The University of Virginia track and field team took four titles at the opening meet of the outdoor season at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte this weekend, winning two on the track and taking top honors in two field events. Dawn Cleary took the gold in the 1500m run (4:30.09) while her teammate Meg Schwartz was victorious in the 800m run. Eliese Mitchell, fresh off competition in the NCAA Indoor Championships, won the hammer throw while Caroline Harvey won the long jump (5.74m). Cleary doubled back in the 3000m run and finished third while Mitchell also took third in two other events, the discus throw and the shot put.

Cleary led two impressive Virginia runs in the 1500 and the 3000-meter runs, as the Cavaliers went 1-3-4-8 in the 1500m and 3-4-5-6 in the 3000m run. Virginia also took four of the top eight places in the 800m run behind Schwartz, as Cavaliers took third, fourth and seventh. Erin O’Doherty was third in both the 800m and the 1500m.

The Cavaliers had a trio of medalists in the hurdles as Kim Turko was runner-up in the 100m hurdles (14.41), just ahead of Naccole Guinn (14.48), and Natalie Randolph took the bronze in the 400m hurdles (62.87).

On the men’s side, Jeff Binggeli took runner-up honors in the steeplechase (9:32.20) while teammate Brian Wood finished fourth with a time of 9:38.10. Tom Ellis was also fourth, taking that place in the 3000-meter run (8:33.90). Jarrett Hagwood also medalled at the meet, taking third in the long jump (7.33m). Hagwood also finished fifth in the 400 intermediate hurdles. JD Murdoch finished as the runner-up in the javelin, tossing a 59.42m. Walton Kingsbery took third overall in the 5K race, running 14:41.18.

WOMEN: 100m: Caroline Harvey, 12.30, Ingrid Marable, 12.71, 200m: Kim Turko, 25.64, Naccole Guinn, 25.70, Curtrell Frye, 27.23, 400m: Harvey, 61.70, 800m: Meg Schwartz, 2:12.49, 1st, Erin O’Doherty, 2:12.97, 3rd, Leslie Schultz, 2:13.39, 4th, Carielle Doe, 2:17.55, 1500m: Dawn Cleary, 4:30.09, 1st, O’Doherty, 4:35.81, 3rd, Schwartz, 4:36.13, 4th, Lauren Chaikin, 4:45.79, Leslie Schultz, 4:53.02, 3000m: Cleary, 9:44.98, 3rd, Melanie Mathews, 9:51.63, 4th, Ellen Dwyer, 9:53.28, 5th, Jane Maxwell, 10:03.06, 6th, Ashley Seaton, 10:18.41, Meg McGarvey, 10:23.96, K. C. Meehan, 10:38.25, 100H: Turko, 14.41p, 2nd, Guinn, 14.48p, 3rd, Frye, 14.75p, 400IH: Natalie Randolph, 6/2.87, 3rd, LJ: Harvey, 5.74m, 1st, Guinn, 5.51m, 4th, Frye, 5.29m, Marable, 5.00m, Disc: Mitchell, 48.15m, 3rd, Inhar Chong, 42.78m, 6th, Hammer: Mitchell, 56.35, 1st, Chong, 50.30m, 6th, Annie Bobiak, 38.86m, Shot: Mitchell, 13.58m, 3rd, Frye, 11.11m, Chong, 10.92m, Javelin: Bobiak, 39.13, 6th, Frye, 21.38m, 4x100m Relay, 47.86, 5th

MEN: 100m: Jarrett Hagwood, 10.72, Xavier Richardson, 11.00, Orren Prunty, 11.15, 200m: Scott Kimball, 21.04, 400m: Eric Schulman, 50.05, Kimball, 50.85, Prunty, 53.00, 800m: Zach Davis, 1:54.96, 6th, 1500m: Steve Gross, 3:52.60, 6th, Matt Antunes, 3:53.95, Zach Davis, 4:05.78, 3000m: Tom Ellis, 8:33.90, 4th, Will Christian, 8:40.49, David Glynn, 8:43.84, Andy Filachek, 8:47.32, James Atchison, 9:00.10, James Catano, 9:07.64, Steeplechase: Jeff Binggeli, 9:32.20, 2nd, Brian Wood, 9:38.10, 4th, 5000m: Walton Kingsbery, 14:41.18, 3rd, Pat English, 15:09.88, 110HH: Gemayal Hazard, 15.16, Trumaine Pendleton, 15.58, 400IH: Hagwood, 53.07, 5th, Herb Reid, 54.49, Hazard, 57.15, Pendleton, 60.86, LJ: Hagwood, 7.33, 3rd, Javelin: J D Murdoch, 59.42, 2nd, 400m Relay: 42.10

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