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March 24, 2002

Charlottesville, Va. – The Uva men’s tennis team fell to No. 14 Duke on Sunday, by a score of 7-0. The Cavaliers are 8-5 on the season, and will resume play on

The Cavaliers did get another big win from Michael Duquette and Stephen Nolen at No. 1 doubles. One day after knocking off the No. 43 team of David Loewenthal and Trent Brandon from Wake Forest, Duquette and Nolen stunned Duke’s Mike Yani and Phillip King, 8-1. Yani and King are ranked No. 17 in the nation. Duquette and Nolen have won their last four matches in a row at No. 1 doubles.

The Cavaliers return to action later this week, as they travel to Richmond on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 p.m., followed by a match with Brown on Thursday afternoon at 2:30 p.m., at the Sheridan Snyder Tennis Center, weather pending.

DUKE 7 VIRGINIA 0Singles1.	No. 14 Phillip King (DU) def. Michael Duquette (Uva) 6-4, 6-32.	No. 58 Mike Yani (DU) def. Jason Romesburg (Uva) 6-4, 6-33.	No. 103 Jason Zimmerman (DU) def. Stephen Nolen (Uva), 4-6, 6-4, 7-54.	Joel Spicher (DU) def. Jonathan Chou (Uva), 6-2, 6-35.	Yorke Allen (DU) def. Jay Curtis (Uva), 6-1, 6-46.	Peter Shults (DU) def. Greg Alpert (Uva), 6-3, 6-1

Doubles1. Duquette/Nolen (Uva) def. No. 17 Yani/King (DU), 8-12. Spicher/Allen (DU) def. Chou/Romesburg (Uva), 8-43. Shults/Zimmerman (DU) def. Curtis/Walker (Uva), 8-5

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