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March 24, 2002

Virginia went 4-5-8 in the men’s steeplechase, led by Pat Slattery,s fourth-place finish in 10:00.92. He finished just ahead of teammate Dave Vitto who ran 10:02.56. Teammate Ryan Newhart took eighth in a time of 10:27.55. Virginia’s Jessica Randolph took third in the high jump, posting a mark of 1.62m, ten centimeters better than teammates Courtney Cox and Loni Miller.

Virginia’s Teresa Witcher finished seventh in the 100-meter dash with a time of 12.82 after posting a 12.56 in the preliminary round. Teammate Loni Miller just missed quliafying for the finals of the 100-meter hurdles, fnishing 10th in the prelims in a time of 15.79.


WOMEN: 100m: Teresa Witcher, 12.56p, 7th, 100HH: Loni Miller, 15.79, HJ: Jessica Randolph, 1.62m, 3rd, Courtney Cox, 1.52m, Miller, 1.52m

MEN: 100m: Julius Bradshaw, 11.51, 1500m: Jesse Owdom, 4:10.53, Steeple: Pat Slattery, 10:00.92, 4th, Dave Vitto, 10:02.56, 5th, Ryan Newhart, 10:27.55, 8th

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