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Nov. 16, 2002


MORGANTOWN, W.V. – The University of Virginia wrestling team competed in the 2002 West Virginia Open in the Shell Building at West Virginia University. UVa’s Jim Hartey (Norristown, Pa./Norristown) and Will Durkee (Pittsburgh, Pa./Shady Side Academy) each took fourth place in their respective weight classes to highlights the Cavaliers’ individual results in the event. Hartey finished 5-2 at 149 and Durkee finished 4-2 at 165. A total of 20 UVa wrestlers competed overall.

Virginia will return to action on Saturday, November 23rd when the Cavaliers travel to Ithaca, N.Y. to compete in the Cornell Invitational. The event is scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM.

Here is an individual look at how the Cavaliers finished at the West Virginia Open:

Result	Opponents					Score125L	Seth Lisa (unat.) def. Ian DeRath (UVa)		MD, 11-2W	Ian DeRath (UVa) def. Will Filbert (F&M)  		Fall @ 1:10L	John Stout (unat.) def. Ian DeRath (UVa)		11-9

125L Richard Cassie (App. St.) def. Makara Phor (UVa) Fall @ 4:33L Lou Faveritz (unat.) def. Makara Phor (UVa) 5-3

125L Terrance Thompson (App. St.) def. Ryan Stewart (UVa) 4-3L Tony Stewart (UNCG) def. Ryan Stewart (UVa) —

133L Nate Pozniak (PSU) def. Byron Dunlap (UVa) 4-3W Byron Dunlap (UVa) def. Andrew Norris (The Citadel) 8-2W Byron Dunlap (UVa) def. Ivan Enriquez (The Citadel) 7-6W Byron Dunlap (UVa) def. Carlos Palacious TFW Byron Dunlap (UVa) def. Matt Ciasulli (unat.) 2-1L Andy Madison (unat.) def. Byron Dunlap (UVa) 5-3

133L David Johnson (UNCG) def. Joey Carpenter (UVa) Fall @ 3:37L Ryan Metz (W. Liberty) def. Joey Carpenter (UVa) 8-6

133L Dalton Head (Virginia Tech) def. Chet Naylor (UVa) 5-0L Brian Floyd (WVU) def. Chet Naylor (UVa) 5-2

141L Frank Edgar (Clarion) def. Bob Seidel (UVa) 9-7W Bob Seidel (UVa) def. Billy Hayduck (unat.) —W Bob Seidel (UVa) def. Jeremy Feinberg (F&M) Fall @ 1:59W Bob Seidel (UVa) def. Jason Jones (App. St.) 12-8L Mike Keefe (unat.) def. Bob Seidel (UVa) Fall @ 5:30

149*** 4th Place ***W Jim Hartey (UVa) def. Tory Leitch (Lock Haven) 8-2W Jim Hartey (UVa) def. Eric Burns (App. St.) MD, 9-1L Dan Thompson (The Citadel) def. Jim Hartey (UVa) 11-7W Jim Hartey (UVa) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa) 5-4W Jim Hartey (UVa) def. Mike Pirziale (F&M) 3-0W Jim Hartey (UVa) def. Matt Schiff (Clarion) 13-7L Dan Thompson (The Citadel) def. Jim Hartey (UVa) 6-4

149W Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Dustin Plack (SRU) Fall @ 5:22L Seth Martin (Lock Haven) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa) 5-2W Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Paul Toomey (Duke) 4-2W Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Mike Allen (Ohio) 12-5L Jim Hartey (UVa) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa) 5-4

149L Jim Perry (Clarion) def. Reed Landry (UVa) 7-0W Reed Landry (UVa) def. P.J. Newman (VMI) 5-3L Mike Allen (Ohio) def. Reed Landry (UVa) 6-0

157L Brandon Guenot (unat.) def. Paul Dunstan (UVa) FallL Teddy Dufresne (Lehigh) def. Paul Dunstan (UVa) 10-3

157W Conor Manley (UVa) def. Jeremy Reitz (Clarion) Inj. Def.L Alex Davis (App. St.) def. Conor Manley (UVa) 13-6W Conor Manley (UVa) def. T.J. Sayers (Tenn.) 6-2L Brian Bricker (F&M) def. Conor Manley (UVa) 7-2

165*** 4th Place ***W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Scott Bard (—) 6-4W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Mike Cox (Virginia Tech) 2-1W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Nate Paramenter (UNCG) 3-2L Jeremy Hart (PSU) def. Will Durkee (UVa) 5-2W Will Durkee (UVa) def. Ryan Cunningham (Rider) 4-2L Mike Mitchell (Duke) def. Will Durkee (UVa) 4-3

174W Brian Muir (UVa) def. Erik Wince (Gardner-Webb) 3-2W Brian Muir (UVa) def. Corey Pendergrass (App. St.) 3-2L Greg Jones (WVU) def. Brian Muir (UVa) Fall @ 1:24L Eric O’Connor (Lock Haven) def. Brian Muir (UVa) Fall

174L Kyle Cathcart (PSU) def. Ram McDonnell (UVa) 6-0L Corey Pendergrass (App. St.) def. Ram McDonnell (UVa) —

174L Jake Herbert (unat.) def. Peter Kang (UVa) MD, 16-2L Corry Murray (VMI) def. Peter Kang (UVa) 8-3

184L Jake Stark (Maryland) def. Dan Clark (UVa) Fall @ 4:17W Dan Clark (UVa) def. Alex Ventura (Gardner-Webb) 11-3W Dan Clark (UVa) def. Corey Jacoby (Shipp.) Fall @ 3:24W Dan Clark (UVa) def. Jason Cox (VMI) 6-5L Dan Riggs (Lock Haven) def. Dan Clark (UVa) 11-9

197L C.J. Wonsettler (PSU) def. Zach Freday (UVa) 3-2W Zach Freday (UVa) def. Joe Hoke (St. Paris) 5-3W Zach Freday (UVa) def. Andy DeMartino (UVa) 5-2L Jeff Ruzak (ODU) def. Zach Freday (UVa) 6-5

197W Andy DeMartino (UVa) def. Tim Meyers (Loch Haven) 5-2L Marcus Adelman (unat.) def. Andy DeMartino (UVa) 3-2L Zach Freday (UVa) def. Andy DeMartino (UVa) 5-2

HWTW Josh Etu (UVa) def. Travis Shirley (Pitt) 5-1L Chris Bulley (W. Liberty) def. Josh Etu (UVa) 3-1L Chris McNally (The Citadel) def. Josh Etu (UVa) 8-5

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