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Dec. 30, 2002


Virginia Head Coach Pete Gillen

“I thought we played a very good first half, holding them to 18 points. Inthe second half, we lost concentration, a little anxious, a little carelessand traded baskets with them. It was a tough game to play after an emotionalGeorgetown game. We should have knocked them out in the second half.Hopefully next time we are in that situation we can keep them down.”

“Travis (Watson) is not is shape. He has been hurt and hasn’t been able topractice all the time the past couple weeks. He plays well at times, butphysically he isn’t sharp because he isn’t completely healthy.”

“I think wer have some balance. We have nine or ten very good players. Wehave had guys come off the bench and win us games this year. Our strength isthat we have different players who can step up for us.”

On Todd Billet’s shooting at home:
“I am a little disapointed about his shooting here. The last two home gameshe hasn’t been himself. He played unbelievable against Rutgers. He had somegood looks tonight that didn’t go down.”

Liberty Head Coach Randy Dunton

“We are experiencing a little bit of the injury bug lately. We areshort-handed tonight from what we have been earlier in the season. We got toweather a little bit of the storm and get ready for the conference.”

On Playing without leading scorer Vincent Okotie:
“Obviously Vincent is a very good player. He would have been a tough matchupon this floor. He can shoot the three and can score off the dribble. Wetried to play him a little bit at Iowa and at Clemson and tweeked it (hisankle) a little bit. It is not worth us losing some conference games byplaying him tonight.”

On Travis Watson:
“Travis is just so big and so strong right now for our kids. (Jason) Sarchetand (Glyn) Turner spend so much energy Saturday night at Clemson and theywere a little leg weary tonight. We tried to move him away from the blockbecause if he gets close to the basket, he is a horse.”

“The game really turned when it was 9-9 and we got a little quick on theoffensive end. Give them credit, they trapped us and we didn’t show thepoise I hoped we would. I think our ball screen offense would have beeneffective if we could have kept it close longer.”

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