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Jan. 11, 2003

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It may seem crazy to say it, but I’m as excited about my group as I’ve been.To be down 18 at the half against a good team like UVa and cut it to 6 withtwo minutes to play, as young as this team is, is encouraging.

We made a choice to go zone. They struggled against East Tennessee State’szone, they didn’t shoot well against N.C. State, but they came out and shotwell today. Todd Billet shot the ball well. Maybe we should have gotten outof the zone sooner, but we made the adjustment at halftime.

Rashad McCants only had four shots at halftime. In the second half we wantedto get him some more opportunities. We put him inside the zone and let himattack. We didn’t attack the gaps in their zone in the first half.

We should have attacked them a little more around the foul line. We tried todribble around their zone instead of dribbling through their zone.

[On Todd Billet] He’s a tough kid and a very good shooter. He’s just whatthey needed. He’s a good shooter who can also be a secondary point guard.


We beat a tremendous team today. I though we played extremely well in thefirst half. But we came out and played poorly in the second half. They wereenergized. We held them to 40% shooting, but if we could have rebounded theball, it could have been even better.

[On Todd Billet] You can’t just punch the clock. You have to put in the extratime in the gym. Todd did that this week. I though he was more aggressivetoday. His extra [practice] time gave him more confidence.

[On the return of Majestic Mapp] I was thrilled to have him back out on thecourt. Getting out there was a monumental victory for him. His coming backwas probably more important than us winning the game, as great as the victorywas. He’s not nearly what the old Majestic was, but he’s getting better.We’ll take it day by day.

[On Keith Jenifer] He’s getting better. He played against Raymond Felton, whois a high-profile point guard, and he didn’t back down. He didn’t getembarrassed or anything like that.

[On Travis Watson] They zoned a lot, especially in the first half, so it wastough to get him the ball. He worked pretty hard to get it. We were lookingfor him. He has to be maniacal looking for the ball. When he gets touches,good things usually happen.

[On Wednesday’s game at Duke] Playing Duke, the number-one team in thecountry in Cameron, which is probably the toughest place in the country toplay, we will give it our best. I really think we have a chance to win if weplay our best.

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