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Jan. 17, 2003

Question 1: Why was the university’s basketball court changed, taking off the founder Thomas Jefferson’s signature off?


One of the most prominent or visible aspects of our athletics programs is the basketball court. The new court logo is a big part of the branding and marketing initiatives for Virginia Athletics where we now use one logo for all athletic programs (the ‘V’ crossed sabre). On several dozen occasions each basketball season, millions of viewers will see the logo at center court and immediately associate it with UVa athletics.

Question 2: I am a huge Cavalier fan. My mother and sister both attended UVA, and after the success of this year’s football squad, I am excited about next year’s team. My question is this…I was wondering when tickets would be available for the game at South Carolina next year? I am not to far away in Charleston, and I am sure that you are aware of all of the UVA Alumni in South Carolina. I appreciate you taking time to investigate the query.


By contract, a visiting team in football is allocated a specific number of tickets to the host institution’s stadium. After taking care of team ticket needs, and University needs, the remaining tickets are made available for sale. Please contact the office of the Virginia Athletic Foundation to find out more about tickets for the South Carolina game on September 6, 2003.

Question 3: Is the 2003 football schedule arranged yet? I’m sure it is, so why isn’t it available on the site? Please send the schedule to me if you’re not going to post it. Tnx


The 2003 football schedule was released on January 17. It is posted on our website.

Question 4: Within all of Virginia’s Intercollegiate Athletics, of what statistics are you most proud? How do you want Virginia’s Athletics to be remembered through the ages? For example, total number of national championships, ACC championships, total number of AP rankings, etc.


Graduation rates, and winning percentages in competition are important measurements of the success of our athletics programs. I would want, however, Virginia Athletics’ legacy to be the quality of student-athlete that has been produced by University and athletics program. This quality student-athlete is demonstrated by the great success stories of our graduates once they have advanced beyond their college years.

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