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Jan. 19, 2003

LEXINGTON, Va. – The University of Virginia wrestling team took first place in the 2003 Virginia Intercollegiate State Wrestling Championships (VISWC) which was held at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI). UVa, one of six schools competing in the competition, recorded 94.5 points to win the overall team competition. The Cavaliers had four individual wrestlers win their respective weight class titles. Virginia’s Brian Sticca (Greensburg, Pa./Greensburg Salem) finished 3-0 at 125, Will Durkee (Pittsburgh, Pa./Shady Side Academy) went 3-0 at 165, Zach Freday (Akron, Ohio/Hoover) finished 3-0 at 197 and Josh Etu (Queensbury, N.Y./Queensbury) went 3-0 in the heavyweight class, as each UVa wrestler took first place.

Virginia’s Tim Foley (Stafford, Va/Brooke Point) finished runner-up at 157 with a 2-1 record to take second place, while the trio of UVa’s Paul Bjorlo (Reston, Va./South Lakes), Brian Muir (Toms River, N.J./Toms River North) and Andy DeMartino (McLean, Va./Jefferson) each finished third in their respective weight classes. Bjorlo finished 3-1 at 149, Muir went 3-1 at 174 and DeMartino finished 3-1 at 197.

VMI, the host school, collected 86 team points which was good for second place. Old Dominion recorded 80 points for a third place finish and George Mason tallied 65 points while placing fourth. James Madison finished fifth with 60 points followed by the Apprentice School in sixth place with 18 team points. ODU’s Ben Summerlin was named the VISWC’s Most Outstanding Wrestler and VMI’s John Trudgeon was named the VISWC’s Coach of the Year.

The Cavaliers will return to dual match action on Friday, January 24th when Virginia (2-4) travels to Chapel Hill, N.C. to face the North Carolina Tar Heels. The dual is UVa’s first Atlantic Coast Conference match this season. Competition is scheduled to begin at 7:30 PM in Carmichael Auditorium.

Here is a look at Virginia’s individual results from the 2003 VISWC:

Team Results1.	Virginia			94.52.	VMI			863.	Old Dominion		804.	George Mason		655.	James Madison		606.	Apprentice School		18
Most Outstanding Wrestler: Ben Summerlin, Old DominionCoach of the Year: John Trudgeon, VMI

Result Opponents Result

125	*** 1st Place ***W	Brian Sticca (UVa) def. Jochen Granja (VMI)			MD, 10-2W	Brian Sticca (UVa) def. John Starkes (ODU)			5-3 (2 OT)W	Brian Sticca (UVa) def. Aaron Suranofsky (GMU)		7-4 (OT)
125L	Juan Sanchez (VMI) def. Ryan Stewart (UVa)			4-3L	Adam Bessinger (Apprentice) def. Ryan Stewart (UVa)		Fall @ 2:30
141L	Pat Diaz (JMU) def. Joey Carpenter (UVa)			Fall @ 2:01L	Chris Wilson (JMU) def. Joey Carpenter (UVa)			MD, 11-1
149	*** 3rd Place ***W	Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Ryan Mcneil (Apprentice)		Fall @ 1:30L	Jason Kontopedes (VMI) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa)			5-0W	Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Chad Sichak (ODU)			MD, 8-0W	Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Chris Hardy (VMI)			7-6
157	*** 2nd Place ***W	Tim Foley (UVa) def. Josh Fultz (JMU)			MD, 14-0W	Tim Foley (UVa) def. Dennis Whitby (ODU)			MD, 14-2L	Adam Britt (VMI) def. Tim Foley (UVa)			7-2
157W	Conor Manley (UVa) def. Robby Gosnell (ODU)			6-2L	Adam Britt (VMI) def. Conor Manley (UVa)			Fall @ 2:11W	Conor Manley (UVa) def. Josh Tomlin (Apprentice)		8-3L	Brian Consolvo (JMU) def. Conor Manley (UVa)			MD, 8-0
165	*** 1st Place ***W	Will Durkee (UVa) def. Franco Priolo (GMU)			TF, 16-0W	Will Durkee (UVa) def. Dave Kaplan (ODU)			10-3W	Will Durkee (UVa) def. Matthew Ulrey (ODU)			3-2
174	*** 3rd Place ***W	Brian Muir (UVa) def. Jeremiah Gaudette (VMI)		MD, 9-1L	Ben Summerlin (ODU) def. Brian Muir (UVa)			Fall @ 1:44W	Brian Muir (UVa) def. P.J. Ross (GMU)			6-2W	Brian Muir (UVa) def. Steve Broglie (JMU)			MD, 10-2
174L	Matt Erwin (VMI) def. Peter Kang (UVa)			TF, 15-0L	P.J. Ross (GMU) def. Peter Kang (UVa)			TF, 20-5
184L	Adam Wright (ODU) def. Ram McDonnell (UVa)		TF, 18-3L	Matt Martin (JMU) def. Ram McDonnell (UVa)			Fall @ 2:36
197	*** 1st Place ***W	Zach Freday (UVa) def. Larry France (Apprentice)		Fall @ 6:24W	Zach Freday (UVa) def. David Walker (VMI)			7-2W	Zach Freday (UVa) def. Steve Kodish (JMU)			MD, 11-3
197	*** 3rd Place ***L	Steve Kodish (JMU) def. Andy DeMartino (UVa)		10-5W	Andy DeMartino (UVa) def. Mike Hansen (Apprentice)		MD, 12-4W	Andy DeMartino (UVa) def. David Walker (VMI) 		4-1W	Andy DeMartino (UVa) def. Greg Gill (ODU)			4-3
HWT	*** 1st Place ***W	Josh Etu (UVa) def. Stelios Adractus (ODU)			3-1W	Josh Etu (UVa) def. Matt Coffey (JMU)			Fall @ 1:07W	Josh Etu (UVa) def. Derrell Lorthridge (ODU)			MD, 9-1
HWTL	Scott Buhman (VMI) def. Andrew Leffler (UVa)			MD, 11-2L	Daryl Stackhouse (Apprentice) def. Andrew Leffler (UVa)		Fall @ 2:55

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