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Jan. 29, 2003

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Virginia Head Coach Pete Gillen:

“I thought it was a good defensive effort on our part. We held them to 28points in the first half. I thought that was a big factor in getting a lead…. Defense was the story tonight. They made some shots late. It was one ofour better games, especially defensively.”

“Our offense was pretty good, considering their defensive effort. They areone of the better teams in the country in terms of field-goal-percentagedefense.”

On his substitution pattern:”We’re going by feel. We’ve got some guys who can do certain things –rebound, shoot, defend. We have talent … but I think we’re beginning to geta better feel for it. It’s tougher to coach a team this way, but we havedepth in case of foul trouble or injury.”

Florida State Head Coach Leonard Hamilton:

“It seemed every time we tried to get back in the game, they would hit a bigshot. That’s the mark of a team that has the right balance inside andoutside. They kept us off balance with [Derrick] Byars and [Jason] Clark. Wegot beat by a team that played better than us.”

“They moved the ball well and got some open looks. … On offense, ourinexperience showed. It seemed as though their changing defenses affected us.Each time we made a mistake, they made us pay.”

Tim “Pickett has had games where he hasn’t shot well, but that had a lot todo with the way we ran our offense. I think that had a lot to do with how weplayed in the first half. We didn’t move the ball well enough to get him goodlooks.”

“We couldn’t tell whether they were in man-to-man or zone [defense], and thataffected us.”

“Byars is a good shooter. We knew that coming in. We didn’t expect Clark togo 4-for-4 from the floor out of the gate.”

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