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Jan. 30, 2003

Thursday, January 23:Most of the day was spent at schooland getting ready for practice at 4. The practice before a match is shorter but more intense than usual practices and a lot of the guys get their weight down after the actual practice stops.

Friday, January 24:Got into the wrestling room early in the morning and worked off a couple of pounds along with about half the guys on the team. Tonight is our biggest dual of the year and everyone knows that we are going to have a tough time. But we are still extremely confident becuse of our last meet and the preparation coach has given us. The bus ride was long but we got there feeling good nonetheless. The team went to the store to pick out food for after weigh-ins and sure enough, it turned into an hour long event because none of us can ever find exactly what we are craving. Worked out again at 4:30 and got the rest of the weight off. Dual meet went as expected until there were three matches remaining. Freday’s major decision was a huge momentum grabber, then Etu’s pin followed. This put us dead even with our most bitter rivalry going into the last match-fresman Brian Sticca vs. returning All-American Chris Rodrigues. Sticca dominated the match and gave our team our first win over UNC in 28 years. We are beyond excited and the attitude on the team is that we are finally starting to peak. Tonight was a huge night! Take the bus for another 3 hour journey and get to sleep at 1am. Can’t eat much because of weigh-ins tomorrow morning. The matches tomorrow are against the Citadel and Davidson.

Saturday, January 25:Weigh-ins didn’t go well. One guy missed weight and another had trouble making it. Our starter at 165 lbs. went down with an injury the night before so the day started off pretty rough. Had a very convincing win over Davidson which made things a little better. Then we wrestled the Citadel. We gave up a forfeit and some of the remaining matches proved to be rather disappointing. We ended up losing by three team points. We had a good weekend with the exception of the loss. The team went to a well deserved meal, with all of us very happy that we can order watever we want and not have to worry about weight for a couple days. The bus ride back was way too long but we passed time playing cards, watching movies, and talking about Sticca’s big win. The team wrestled well, and i was happy with the win over UNC, but all of us realize the importance of working harder the remaining two months so we can win ACC’s and advance our guys to nationals in March.

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