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Virginia vs. Clemson
Feb. 18, 2003

Clemson Head Coach Larry Shyatt:

Our coaching staff did a whale of a job when we got down 7-2. It was thefourth game this year where we’ve gotten down early on the road. They did avery good job [after that] knowing what was coming next.

Edward [Scott] had command of the game. It seemed like he had the bop in hisstep the whole game … In the first half, he was really a terrific offensiveplayer. Everybody was wooed because he made shots. But if you look at theentirety of the game, he guarded their best player.

We guarded the heck out of it [on defense]. We got back to what we do best,though we probably gave [Devin] Smith some open looks.

(On outrebounding Virginia)
It was very important. They dominated us thosefirst few minutes. But as the game wore on, our forwards, as a committee, dida great job.

(On winning on the road)
Nothing is offered up too easy in this league. Butour players haven’t had the confines of our home for most of this year[playing the first eight home games at the Anderson Civic Center].

Virginia Head Coach Pete Gillen:

Clemson did a great job early in the game. They were on fire. We had troublescoring and they hurt us on the offensive boards. Rebounding was key.

Sometimes when Todd [Billet] plays the point he has trouble scoring. …Teams are coming after the point-guard spot. We have to make someadjustments. We’re just having trouble scoring.

We have to dig down and get some stops. In the first half, they were kickingus.

Devin Smith was great tonight.

We probably rushed things [offensively]. We didn’t execute too well. We wereprobably trying to get it back too quickly.

Edward Scott is a terrific player, and he certainly played well tonight.

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