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Senior Matt Schaub

Matt Schaub’s Live Chat Transcript From Monday, November 3, 2003

Cavalier quarterback to answer your questions!

Virginia star QB Matt Schaub stopped by to take your questions on the season so far and the Maryland game on Nov. 13.

The 2002 ACC Player of the Year and First-Team All-ACC honoree, Schaub set or tied as many as 10 single-season records and led the conference with 28 touchdown passes last fall. He finished second nationally in completion percentage (68.9) and sixth nationally in efficiency (147.5) as a junior. He is also on the watch lists for the Davey O’Brien Award, the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, and the Walter Camp Player of the Year Award.

In seven games this season, Schaub has completed 190-of-265 passes (71.7 percent) for 1,925 yards and 13 touchdowns.

spacer.gif Matt: Hey, I’m here and ready to go. Sorry there were some technical difficulties, but we got them all ironed out.
Jack Tatem (Salme, Va.): How has your family supported you through all the ups and downs of your football career at UVA,and have they been to all your games?
spacer.gif Matt: My family has definitely been to all of my games since I have been at Virginia. They have been tremendously supportive throughout my career. Whether I play well or not they encourage me and motivate me to do better.
Chris Shaner (Scottsville, Va.): Matt, What do you feel is the key to winning the remaining three games? I enjoy watching you guys, Even in tough times the class of the team shines through. Good Luck!

Matt: The key to winning the last three games will be to minimize the things that cause you to lose such as mental errors, turnovers, and penalties.

Warrenton: How do you think UVa will do the rest of the season
spacer.gif Matt: I feel that we will win out the rest of our games and finish with a very successful year.
Chris Shaner (Scottsville, Va.): Matt, Sorry about the tough loss Saturday. How’s the shoulder feel these days? Are you still rehabing? Good Luck the rest of the way. It’s been a joy to watch you in a cavalier uniform.
spacer.gif Matt: My shoulder has felt good and does not really both me too much these days.
Rob – Radford: Out of all of your individual accomplishments on the football field, which one stands out the most?
spacer.gif Matt: I feel that being voted as team captain this year is the one that stands out, although quarterbacks by nature are leaders of the team for them to vote me into such a position was important to me.
Mark Bassett (Greenville, SC): I was at the game in Raleigh, and I applaud your gutsy play in the pocket. Loved your 360 degree turnaround, misdirection touchdown completion to Wali Lundy! Do you ever want to scramble more or are you always looking for your receivers?
spacer.gif Matt: When needed I will scramble out of the pocket and try and run but only when necessary mostly if I get out of the pocket I will try and find a receiver open.
Scott Petriskie (Forest, Va.): After the three straight defeats in the ACC, how is the team’s attitude about the rest of the season? Do you guys feel like you will win out or is anyone still bummed about the defeats? GO HOOS
spacer.gif Matt: We are very positive and will remain so because we know that we can win out as long as we stick together as a team and keep improving and eliminate the things that cause a team to lose.
chris, williamsburg: hey matt my question is can uva survive with the new teams coming into the league next year or has the acc instilled a lil fear into them!!! thanks for what you have done matt. good luck in the pros!!
spacer.gif Matt: I definitely think UVA can survive because of the talent that we have here and recruits that Coach Groh is bringing in the team will only get better in the future.
Mike Childress (Louisville, KY): Now that your injury has taken you out of the running for the Heisman, do you feel this unfortunate aspect has hurt your draft status? Also, it is nice to hear a Wahoo name salting the sports menu for the Unitas Award. Hope you get it!!
spacer.gif Matt: I have not really thought about how my injury will afect me in the upcoming draft, I am just focusing on trying to win games while I?m still at Virginia.
Laura Siy (Mechanicsville, Va.): How did you get in to football?
spacer.gif Matt: When I was very young I loved watching it so in third grade when I was old enough I began to play on a organized team.
Ben Black (Charlottesville, Va.): The losses have been tough ones, I’m sure. You guys were an inch away from being 6-1, or 7-0 right now, and probably with a top 10 ranking. Do you view this as detrimental to the team’s spirit, or is the resolve Groh professes, truly intact?
spacer.gif Matt: I do not feel that this has been detrimental to our spirit at all, we have grown closer together as a team as a result and it just shows that we are so close and if we can eliminate some of the mistakes we could have won all those games.
Rob – Radford: Matt, how big of a rival does the team see in Maryland? Good luck against the terps and the rest of the season, you’re one of my favorite Cavaliers of all-time!
spacer.gif Matt: We look at every team we play as being a rival, aside from VA Tech none of the teams really seem to be any more of a rival than the rest.
Corey Burton (Richmond, Va.): Matt, I am a huge UVA fan and I just wanted to ask you, do you think that you and the rest of the Hoos can play Virginia Tech well. GO HOOS!
spacer.gif Matt: I feel that we can play VA Tech well, it will be a home game and we will have a good plan and we will just need to execute well in order to be in position to win.
Chris Cheely (Louisa, Va.): I was just wondering what your goals and the goals for the team were for the rest of the season after disappointing losses to CU, FSU and now NCSU?
spacer.gif Matt: Mine and the teams goals are to win the rest of our games.
Ed: Matt, what are your thoughts on the BCS and do you see a playoff system in the near future? Best of luck against Maryland!
spacer.gif Matt: I don’t really have any thoughts on the BCS, it is very complicated as far as I know and I have not taken the time to figure out what it is all about. It is not something that I can control all I can do is try and win games. A playoff system would be interesting and present a different way of doing things but that would take away from the tradition of bowl games.
spacer.gif Matt: Thank you for all of your questions, hope to answer more of your questions on Nov. 24th.
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