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Nov. 5, 2003

By CavMan

SOMEWHERE IN ‘HOOVILLE – There comes a day when you must stand up and say, “What is my purpose?” Upon this momentous day, one must dig deep inside the depths of his soul and examine his sincere passion. Recently, after much deliberation, soul-searching, and a 20-mile run around Charlottesville, I answered this perplexing question for myself.

My conclusion was simple. I am the protector of ‘Hooville and all that is UVA. I defend the Cavaliers and their fans from foes near and far. I am the thorn in the side of evil doers everywhere. Like my fathers before me, I was born into the role of defender. It is not only a choice, but a duty I have embraced. It is a challenge that I will grasp in my hands and overcome with honor, grace, and pride. Where others failed, I will succeed. Cavalier victory is the only viable answer. It is the goal I strive for. It is my passion. I am CavMan.

Now, many of you may be wondering, “Why does CavMan need a web site?” The answer is simple my little ‘Hoos. The battle against foes old and new can not be won by the efforts of one man. Indeed, I am more powerful than most, but I need the help of fans like you. Fans who cheer on the Cavaliers with undying love and devotion. Fans who wear blue and orange with pride and grace. It is together, my friends, that we shall succeed. It is in our unity that we shall find the path to glory.

This is my new web site. The link can be found on the home page under Inside Cavalier Athletics. Please explore the options available to you. Send me questions if you’d like. Send me suggestions for what to name my horse. You can even check out my recent battles against Cavalier opponents.

I shall be seeing you all very soon again. Be well, my little ‘Hoos.

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