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Nov. 9, 2003

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – The University of Virginia wrestling team began the regular season portion of its 2003 schedule by competing in the 2003 Michigan State Open at Jenison Field House on the campus of Michigan State University. UVa sent 12 members (11 Virginia wrestlers, one Cavalier who competed unattached) of its team to compete in the event which is highly regarded as one of the most competitive and prestigious tournaments in the country. The Cavaliers’ Scott Moore took first place with a perfect 5-0 record at 141-pounds and won his first four matches by fall, while teammate Tim Foley went 4-2 and placed fourth at 165-pounds for Virginia after he picked up two victories by fall. There was no team scoring in the event.

Moore, who was the #1 seed in the event at 141, made quick work of the competition in the 141-pound bracket at a blistering pace. He blew through his first four bouts with ease as he won all four matches by fall. Moore’s first three falls occurred at 2:45, 3:40 and 1:10 before he topped all of those falls with a pin at just :28 into his fourht match over the #5 seeded Lang from Northwestern. Moore then topped Central Michigan’s Mester, the #2 seed, by the count of 6-4 in the championship bout to win the 141-pound title.

Foley, the #2 seed in the event, put together a run at 165-pounds that was almost equally impressive as Moore’s, as the former 157-pounder from last year picked right up where he left off by winning his first three matches including two bouts by fall. Foley got thing started with a fall at 1:29 over Grand Valley’s Vice before defeating the #7 seed Anderson from Central Michigan two matches later with another fall, this time at 4:35. Foley later defeated Wisconsin’s Turner by the count of 8-4 before eventually falling to Ohio State’s #1 seed Clark in the consolation bracket in the third place bout.

Ten other Cavaliers competed in the event but did not place, including the trio of Paul Dunstan (2-2), Paul Bjorlo (1-2) and Brian Foley (1-2) who picked up several wins for the Cavaliers at 157-pounds. B. Foley competed in the tournament as an unattached wrestler and his results did not count in UVa’s totals. Zach Freday (2-2) won two of his first three matches at 184-pounds after dropping down a weight class this season after competing at 197-pounds last year. Drew Michelotti (1-2) picked up a win at 165-pounds, as did Mike Grogan (1-2) who won his first collegiate match at 174-pounds competing as a true-freshman. Scott Smith (197), Andrew Leffler (HWT), Ryan Stewart (125) and Ram McDonnell (174) each finished 0-2 in their respective weight classes.

The Cavaliers will return to action on Saturday, November 22nd when UVa travels to Ithaca, N.Y. to compete in Cornell University’s 2003 Body Bar Invitational. Virginia competed in the 2002 Body Bar Invitational last season and took fifth place in the event.

Here is a match-by-match look at UVa’s individual finishes from the 2003 Michigan State Open:

W/L	Opponents					Result125L	Bart (Indiana) def. Ryan Stewart (UVa) 		15-8L	Delorenzo (Columbia) def. Ryan Stewart (UVa)		MD, 12-3
141	*** First Place ***W	Scott Moore (UVa) def. Vaci (Eastern Illinois)		Fall @ 2:45W	Scott Moore (UVa) def. Grimes (Northern Illinois)	Fall @ 3:40W	Scott Moore (UVa) def. Walters (Eastern Illinois)		Fall @ 1:10W	Scott Moore (UVa) def. Lang (Northwestern)		Fall @ :28W	Scott Moore (UVa) def. Mester (Central Michigan)	6-4
157L	Nelson (Northern Illinois) def. Paul Dunstan (UVa)	6-5W	Paul Dunstan (UVa) def. Tolliver (North Idaho)		3-1W	Paul Dunstan (UVa) def. Harrington (SUNY-Brockport)	5-2L	Nelson (Northern Illinois) def. Paul Dunstan (UVa)	7-3
157L	Dean (Indiana) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa)			6-5W	Paul Bjorlo (UVa) def. Smith (Ohio State)		TF, 16-0L	Tolar (Kent State) def. Paul Bjorlo (UVa)		Fall @ :24
157W	Brian Foley (UVa) def. Tolliver (North Idaho)		Fall @ 3:23L	Aleksanyan (Michigan State) def Brian Foley (UVa) 	6-3L	Mester (Central Michigan) def. Brian Foley (UVa)	7-4
165	*** Fourth Place ***W	Tim Foley (UVa) def. Vice (Grand Valley)		Fall @ 1:29W	Tim Foley (UVa) def. Edwards (Central Michigan)	4-0W	Tim Foley (UVa) def. Anderson (Central Michigan)	Fall @ 4:35L	Owen (Michigan) def. Tim Foley (UVa)		8-7W	Tim Foley (UVa) def. Turner (Wisconsin)		8-4L	Clark (Ohio State) def. Tim Foley (UVa)		5-1
165L	Turner (Wisconsin) def. Drew Michelotti (UVa)		8-3W	Drew Michelotti (UVa) def. Managiaguerra (E. Illinois)	3-1L	Miller (Unat.) def. Drew Michelotti (UVa)		14-10
174W	Mike Grogan (UVa) def. DeAnna (Ohio)		6-5L	Hall (Michigan State) def. Mike Grogan (UVa)		3-0L	Carr (Central Michigan) def. Mike Grogan (UVa)	10-4
174L	Willis (Ohio) def. Ram McDonnell (UVa)		Fall @ 4:35L	Frawley (North Idaho) def. Ram McDonnell (UVa)	Fall @ 1:03
184W	Zach Freday (UVa) def. Curran (Indiana)		5-3L	Mesyn (Michigan State) def. Zach Freday (UVa)		5-0W	Zach Freday (UVa) def. Zickafoose (Findlay)		MD, 16-2L	McCartney (Central Michigan) def. Zach Freday (UVa)	7-1
197L	Yager (Central Michigan) def. Scott Smith (UVa)		5-2L	Sherko (Eastern Illinois) def. Scott Smith (UVa)		13-11 (OT)
HWTL	Nadolsky (Michigan State) def. Andrew Leffler (UVa)	Fall @ :53L	Langowski (Northwestern) def. Andrew Leffler (UVa)	6-4

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