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Nov. 14, 2003

Thank you all for your interesting questions. I have been very busy lately with most of the sports teams’ seasons coming to a close. I will see you all again soon. Be well, my little ‘Hoos.

Mary Kate Young, Charlottesville, VA

Question : How old are you? I’ve been wondering all of my life and it is my quest to find your one true age!

CavMan does not measure his age in years, rather in battles won. In this case CavMan may be old, yet light on his feet. For age measured by these means does not denote ability.

Heather, Charlottesville, VA

Question : What is you real name? (don’t say cavman) Is it fun being “CavMan”?

What is in a name, I ask you my child? My name matters not. My purpose conquers all. For I am the leader of all Cavaliers. I am CavMan.

It is not often that duty entails fun, yet in this case it cannot be denied. In victory I rejoice, in defeat I learn. Whether a win or loss the outcome be, pride must be retained. For CavMan, this is fun.

Jodi Simmons, Waynesboro, VA

Question : Dear CavMan, I’d like to ask you how you if it makes you as proud as it does me that Edgar Allen Poe once graced the Grounds? And what your favorite tale or poem of his is? Hope to hear from you soon, bye.

Ah, I think fondly of Edgar. A good friend he was. The University of Virginia has, and always will, attract great minds like him. I can remember one night in particular after a defeat by the hands of my greatest foe…upon this midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, what shall be the fate of me. “Shall I be destined to failure,” I asked Edgar. “Nevermore,” he said. “…Nevermore.”

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