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Nov. 23, 2003

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Mount St. Mary’s Head Coach Milan Brown

On preparing for this game
We had the mentality that we could win this game beforethe it started. It’s what any mid to low-range program hasto do coming into this caliber of game. We have to believeyou can win before you get in here, and I think that’swhy we hung around and stayed postive with the guys andhung tough. Almost. We made them work. Anytime you canpush an ACC team or a team of that caliber that far alongin the game, I give all the credit to our guys and ourcoaching staff for getting us ready to play .

On the advantage of having played three games prior totonight’s contest
I think it helped us tremendously. We had all the jittersout; we had a chance to work on some of the mistakes wesaw on film and we had a little more time to prepareourselves. Not necessarily prepare for them, but to get usready.

On having played two overtime games already this season
That was a big advantage for us and enabled us stay inthis game, because we’ve already been in two tough onesalready. Our guys are fighters and they will hang inthere.

On outrebounding Virginia
We really tried to hone in on that after our first lost.We worked on block out drills and our practices last weekwere really physical. We’re not a real athletic team, sofor us we have to play on the ground. We can’t afford theball getting to the backboard and think we’re going to getit. Our guys have done a good job on that and we’veoutrebounded out opponents in the last three games.

Virginia Head Coach Pete Gillen

On the game
First games are always unpredictable. It certainly wasn’tpretty, but we’re playing a lot of young guys withoutDevin Smith–one of our top two players. We have a lot ofyoung guys on the court so it’s going to be erratic. Anywin is a good win, but obviously we have a lot of workahead of us. Hopefully we’ll get Devin back soon. We madea ton of mistakes, but did enough good things to get thevictory. They’ve [Mount St. Mary’s] played three games,this is our first game, of course, that might have helpedthem a little bit as they were a bit more in the groove.Ithought out defense was decent. Offensively we missed toomany free throws and took too many bad shots, but thingslike that young guys are going to do. We had five days indouble figures, I thought Gary Forbes had a very goodgame. Donte Minter and Majestic Mapp off the bench did anexcellent job.

On the youth of the team
We looked down the bench and we have other young guys whoare good, but they are just not ready yet. They are stilllearning.

On the team’s free-throw shooting
Very disappointed on the free-throw shooting tonight. Thefirst exhibition game we shot 75 percent. A lot of it’s ismental. We have a lot of work ahead of us. Thank goodnesswe have four days to work on it before the next game.

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