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Dec. 11, 2003

1. I’m a huge fan of Virginia Athletics and support the program 100%. Trying to buy bowl tickets via phone through the ticket office however was impossible and I had to revert to buying through ticketmaster for quicker service and better seats. Is there any possibility of online ticketing in the future?

The University experienced a system-wide problem with the phones on the first day bowl tickets were available for purchase. This resulted in hundreds of frustrated fans having to be on hold for hours. That event did facilitate our discussions concerning a better system for marketing and selling tickets to athletics contests and other special events. We are looking into an online option similar to what many organizations are using currently. We appreciate the patience of those fans that had difficulty ordering their bowl tickets.

2. How’s the construction and funding of the new arena coming along?

Both the construction and the fundraising for the arena are proceeding well. In both cases, there is still quite a way to go, but we are encouraged by the interest among alumni, donors, students, and others in the region that want to see the arena become a reality. Our plan is to have the arena project completed during the summer of 2006. The John Paul Jones Arena will be the best facility of its kind on a college campus.

3. Are there any more developments or thoughts as to when Boston College will be joining the ACC?

Boston College is continuing discussions with the Big East about the effective date of their departure from that conference.

4. How much significance does the Continental Tire Bowl have on the Virginia Football program? How will my contribution in tickets affect the program?

This Bowl game is another affirmation that our program is respected as a program on the move. Our fans have demonstrated support for the team by setting regular season records for attendance, and now by purchasing bowl tickets ahead of the pace from last year. We anticipate selling over 20,000 tickets again. Bowls look at the number of tickets sold as one barometer for determining how well teams ‘travel’. By purchasing tickets and donating them for use, you help allow the University to show there is widespread support for the football program. Of course, we would prefer that our fans that buy tickets put them to personal use. If fans are unable to attend the Continental Tire Bowl game, tickets can be purchased and allocated to many different charitable organizations with the University of Virginia getting credit for those ticket sales. This is a big help for future years when bowl committees are trying to ascertain the number of fans UVa will bring to their city.

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