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Dec. 16, 2003

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James Madison Coach Sherman Dillard:

Virginia just kicked our behinds inside. They were just so tough down low andgot us in foul trouble. They just dominated us down low whether we wentman-to-man or zone. Elton Brown is just a monster. Whenever we needed a big stop,Virginia found a way to get it down to him.

We got off to a slow start, got down 11-2, but we fought back and tied it,but from that moment on, it felt like we were running in mud and couldn’t getanything going. We just got away from our game plan tonight.

Our guys didn’t quit, they found away to fight back. We need some consistentplay from our top seven guys.

Virginia Coach Pete Gillen:

I give James Madison a lot of credit, they kept playing. We had a good sizelead, but they kept playing, it’s a 40-minute game. They made the game close asthey got hot and hit some threes so we had to put some starters back in. Wemade enough plays to win it, but we have a lot of young guys and they stillhave a lot to learn.

We got into a game of tag–we didn’t quit playing, but we stop playingdefense. Dwayne Broyles and Ray Barbosa got hot and they got too many uncontestedshots. We didn’t play as hard as we needed to in the second half. We can’t giveup 52 points in the second half.

We shot the three pointer a little better tonight. We got hot for awhile asTodd Billet hit a couple and Devin Smith was 2-for-5, but we have to play abalanced game.

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