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April 21, 2004

Charlottesville, Va. – CavMan has announced that he will be taking a brief hiatus from his web page to embark on an intense training program, according to sources close to the famous mascot. CavMan was unable to be reached for comment. It is well documented that CavMan takes his off-season very seriously, but rarely does he keep his training plans secret. has received an exclusive copy of CavMan’s proposed training schedule:

1. Run from the University down to Florida
2. Hop in the Atlantic Ocean and swim up to South Carolina
3. Bicycle from South Carolina through North Carolina and back into Virginia
4. Pick up Sabre and ride up to Maryland
5. To be determined
6. To be determined
7. To be determined

The exact details of CavMan’s training plan were not divulged on this schedule nor were the reasons behind the travel locations he selected. It can be assumed that CavMan will be making stops at other ACC schools in these locations, but it is hard to make assumptions about his motives.

One thing is for sure, however, CavMan will arrive back in Charlottesville in prime condition and ready for the fall sports season.

Sarah Goins, Assistant Director of Marketing in the Sports Promotions department, agrees, “CavMan knows his role in the UVa sports programs. He is an inspirational figure for the teams and the fans.”

It is speculated that after attending the Spring Football Festival, CavMan felt he needed to raise his game to a new level to match the elite talent that was displayed in the Spring Game. He has always taken pride in wearing the orange and blue and though he could never let down the Virginia players or fans if he tried, CavMan takes pride in his work and wants to perform at the highest level.

Fourth-year Volleyball player Paige Davis reflects, “I have always been impressed by CavMan’s readiness to perform. He consistently sets the bar for effort and enthusiasm on the field of play.”

On behalf of all Virginia sports fans and players, would like to wish CavMan the best of luck on his training trip and we all look forward to his return later in the summer.

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