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April 24, 2004

PRINCETON, N.J. – The University of Virginia women’s rowing team won three races on Saturday (April 24) in competition against Dartmouth College, the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University on Lake Carnegie. Virginia won the second varsity eight, the first varsity four and the second varsity four races. The Cavaliers also finished second in the first varsity eight and the second novice eight, and third in the first novice eight.

UVa’s first varsity eight, ranked sixth in the nation, lost to third-ranked Princeton. Princeton won with a time of 7:17.3, followed by Virginia (7:20.3), Pennsylvania (7:28.6) and Dartmouth (7:41.8). The Cavaliers’ first varsity eight crew was comprised of coxswain Betty Shumaker, Jennifer Reck, Kathryn Waller, Beth Clark, Lindsay Shoop, Margaret Matia, Sara Lippa, Genevieve Cauchon-Voyer and Melanie Kok.

Virginia’s second varsity eight won with a time of 7:20.3 followed by Princeton (7:22.5), Pennsylvania (7:30.0) and Dartmouth (7:32.0). UVa’s second varsity eight crew was made up of coxswain Launa Forehand, Yvonne Epp, Renee Albers, Carolyn McMillan, Libby McCann, Mary Dobmeier, Julie Creighton, Katie Yrazabal and Kelley Jesnig.

The Cavaliers’ first varsity four won that competition in a time of 8:20.8 with Princeton second (8:31.4), Dartmouth third (8:37.8) and Pennsylvania fourth (8:53.9). Virginia’s first varsity four crew was comprised of coxswain Danielle Sewell, Kerry Maher, Jessica Haury, Heather Gardner and Emily Richard.

UVa won the second varsity four race with a time of 8:23.0 followed by Dartmouth “A” (8:42.9) and Dartmouth “B” (8:49.0). The Cavaliers’ second varsity four crew was made up of coxswain Karen Richardson, Crystal MacLeod, Ashley Jones, Jennifer Furstenau and Abby Lynch.

Princeton won the first novice eight race with a time of 7:34.6 followed by Dartmouth (7:52.8), Virginia (8:03.6) and Pennsylvania (8:08.1). UVa’s first novice eight crew was comprised of coxswain Katie Hilton, Laura Elizares, Anna Samaha, Meredith Danberg-Ficarelli, Annemarie Pitts, Victoria Moore, Kimberly Southern, Kendall Gallagher and Valerie Morini.

Princeton also won the second novice eight competition in a time of 7:48.1 with UVa second (8:09.4) and Pennsylvania third (8:27.7). The Cavaliers’ second novice eight crew was made up of coxswain Victoria Negrete, Amelia Gunn, Kate Mullin, Laura Plummer, Leslie Breen, Lee Watson, Lauren Fluhart, Maria Takahashi and Carey Davis.

“We had some good racing today,” said Virginia head coach Kevin Sauer. “Princeton is very good across the board. I’m pleased with our second varsity eight and our fours that won races today. Princeton gave us a few things to work on over the next few weeks.”

Virginia does not compete again until May 15-16 at the Central/South Region Sprints in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

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