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April 17, 2005

Virginia triple jumper Tomika Ferguson had a banner day at her home meet, becoming the first Cavalier in school history to leap 13 meters in the triple jump with a leap of 13.08m (42′ 11″), and also setting a personal-best time in the 100m dash. Ferguson finished first in the triple, third in the long jump, and sixth in the 100m, and she bettered her qualifying distance in the triple for the NCAA Regional meet. Joining her at the regional meet will be Shannon Hawrylo, who set a personal record with a 2:09.60 in the 800, McGavock Dunbar, who also qualified in the 800 with a 1:50.32; Isi Azeke, who qualified with his 14.31 in the high hurdles, and Kellen Blassingame, whose 46.32 qualified him as well.

While Ferguson jumped further than Dana Boone did in 1990, her mark will not count for a record as she jumped with a tailwind of 3.8 m/s, above the allowable 2.0 m/s. Hawrylo’s time moves her to the #8 all-time performer in school history, while teammate Sara Ensrud also ran below her best time of the year in the meet. First-year Janne’a Bridgeford won both the 100 and 200, setting team bests for 2005 with her 11.90 and 24.99 as she became the first Cavalier in 2005 to break 12 seconds and 25 seconds, respectively in each event. Bridgeford and Billie Jo Grant were both double champions as Grant swept the discus and shot put at the meet. Ashley Gore also won today, setting a personal best in the 400m with her 55.69. Katie Terschel set a personal best mark in both the long and triple jumps by over a foot, taking second in the long jump and seventh in the triple jump. The 400m relay team also set a season-best mark en route to winning the event with a 46.90, and the 4x400m team also won the event with a 3:45.72. In all, Cavaliers were the top collegiate finishers in 13 of the the 19 events, including Janine Ricci in the 1500, whose 4:35.98 was just behind current coach Dawn (Cleary) Cromer, who ran a 4:30.61 to take top honors in the meet. Current coach Carrie Lane also competed and threw a 165′ 11″ in the hammer to take runner-up honors, while All-American Inge Jorgensen won the javelin competition again with her 175′ 3″. Erin Crawford won the intermediate hurdles with her 59.54, and Rachel Marks won the high jump with a 5′ 3″.

Walton Kingsbery ran a personal best and team-leading 9:08.75 in the steeple, which moves him to #10 all-time in Virginia history. He led a 3-4-5 finish for Virginia in the event, just ahead of Kevin McHale and Ryan Neuhart. Kellen Blassingame, the school record holder in the 400m, won that event at the meet with a 46.32, and he also took second in the 200 with a 21.89, which is a team-leading time in 2005. Dunbar’s NCAA qualifying time earned him second place, while teammate Zach Davis took eighth in a time that was under the previous best for the team in 2005. Alex Tatu also took runner-up honors, coming in second in the 1500 with a 3:49.07, just ahead of Soeren Lindner (4th) and Ryan Foster (6th), as all three were separated by only 3.21 seconds. Trumaine Pendleton set season bests in both horizontal jumps as he is the first Cavalier in 2005 to jump seven meters in the long jump and 14 meters in the triple jump.

The NCAA East Regional meet will take place at Randalls Island, NY, May 27-28.

Full Virginia results are listed below.

WOMEN: 100m: Bridgeford, 11.90, 1st; Ferguson, 12.27, 6th; Oluwole, 12.49, 8th; Terschel, 12.65; 200m: Bridgeford, 24.99, 1st; Gore, 25.84; Roberts, 25.95; Oluwole, 26.38; Ferguson, 27.07; 400m: Gore, 55.69, 1st; Roberts, 57.47, 5th; Dyer, 1:01.37; 800m: Hawrylo, 2:09.60, 1st; Ensrud, 2;14.13, 2nd; Husain, 2:16.73, 6th; 1500m: Cromer (unat), 4:30.61, 1st; Ricci, 4:35.98, 2nd; Harrison, 4:39.10, 4th; Ginnow, 4:40.84, 6th; Dolson, 4:57.64; 3000m: Swain, 10:32.59; Saterstad, 11:02.77; 100HH: Smith, 14.69, 5th; Holman, 14.84, 6th; Ashe, 14.92; Bailey, 15.01; Marks, 15.87; 400IH: Crawford, 59.54, 1st; Holman, 1:03.29, 4th; Bailey, 1:04.15, 6th; Ashe, 1:04.40, 7th; 4x100m: 46.90, 1st; 4x400m: 3:45.72, 1st; HJ: Marks, 5′ 3″, 1st; PV: Pettine, 11′ 5.75″, 2nd; Friedman, 10′ 6″, 7th; LJ: Terschel, 18′ 9.75:, 2nd; Ferguson, 18′ 7.75″, 3rd; Marks, 18′ 7″, 5th; Smith, 17′ 1.25″ DeBenedetto, 17′ .75″ TJ: Ferguson, 42′ 11″, 1st, School Record; Terschel, 38′ 4.25″, 7th; SP: Grant, 46′ 3.5″, 1st; Disc: Grant, 168′ 0″, 1st; Hammer: Lane (unat), 165′ 11″, 2nd; Jav: Jorgensen, 175′ 3″, 1st; Bobiak, 140′ 5″, 3rd; Convery, 123′ 11″, 6th.

MEN: 100m: Jones, 10.72, 3rd; Pendleton, 11.10; Carson, 11.13; Assibey, 11.40; 200m: Blassingame, 21.89, 2nd; Jones, 22.08, 3rd; Azeke, 22.34; Carson, 22.90; Pendleton, 23.24; 400m: Blassingame, 46.32, 1st; 800m: Dunbar, 1:50.32, 2nd; Davis, 1:52.02, 8th; Orr, 1:53.93; Hagos, 1:55.42; 1500m: Tatu, 3:49.07, 2nd; Lindner, 3:51.51, 4th; Foster, 3:52.28, 6th; Dumm, 3:55.41; Smith, 4:00.10; Williams, 4:01.41; Gambale, 4:01.79; Rodgers, 4:09.59; 110HH: Azeke, 14.31, 4th; Canaday, 14.53, 7th; Codevilla, 15.54; 400IH: Hiltner, 56.29; Steeple: Kingsbery, 9:08.75, 3rd; McHale, 9:22.61, 4th; Neuhart, 9:30.04, 5th; 4x100m: 41.92, 3rd; 4x400m: 3:24.04, 11th; HJ: Sullivan, 6′ 4.75″, 3rd; Codevilla, 6′ 4.75″, 4th; PV: Sullivan, 16′ .75″, 2nd; Lewis, 15′ 1″, 3rd; Blair, 15′ 1″, 5th; LJ: Pendleton, 23′ 2.5″, 4th; Assibey, 22′ 6.5″, 8th; Azeke, 22′ 1″ Codevilla, 21′ 1.25″ TJ: Pendleton, 46′ 4.75″ SP: Anderson, 43′ 5″ Konstant, 40′ 10.5″ Disc: Konstant, 127′ 0″ Hammer: Anderson, 164′ 7″ Javelin: Kollar (unat), 234′ 1″, 1st; Konstant, 134′ 11″ Codevilla, 133′ 6″.

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