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Nov. 13, 2005

CHARLOTTESVILLE – The University of Virginia women’s rowing team finished first in the doubles competition at the Rivanna Romp on Sunday (Nov. 13). The Cavaliers additionally placed second in the pair and third in the varsity eight races. Virginia’s novice rowers finished second, fourth, and sixth in the novice eight competition. The Rivanna Romp, held at the Rivanna Reservoir, was the Cavaliers’ final competition of the fall season.

Ohio State University’s “A” boat won the varsity eight competition with a time of 13:51.88. Wisconsin’s “A” boat came in second (14:02.30), followed by Virginia’s “A” boat in third (14:05.91). The Cavalier “B” boat came in seventh (14:27.26) and UVa’s “C” boat finished 12th (14:54.83). Virginia’s “D” boat placed 19th (15:28.79). Twenty-two boats raced in the competition.

Virginia’s “A” boat was comprised of Katie Hilton (coxswain), Ashley Jones, Katrin Sydlik, Andria Haneman, Yvonne Epp, Kerry Maher, Heather Gardner, Sara Lippa, and Melanie Kok.

Wisconsin’s “A” boat finished first in the women’s four event with a time of 16:00.66. Wisconsin’s “B” crew came in second (16:08.10) followed by the Clemson “B” crew in third (16:08.57) and the Ohio State “B” crew in fourth (16:09.58). The Virginia “B” and “A” crews finished fifth and sixth, with times of 16:10.21 and 16:15.37, respectively. UVa’s “C” boat came in 16th (16:47.41), the Cavalier “D” boat finished 19th (16:56.90), and Virginia’s “E” boat placed 23rd (17:34.95). Twenty-four crews participated in the event.

The novice eight competition was won by the Clemson “A” boat with a time of 15:24.56. The Virginia “A” boat finished second (15:35.34), followed by Clemson’s “B” crew in third (16:01.24) and UVa’s “B” boat in fourth (16:12.87). North Carolina’s “A” boat placed fifth (16:46.55) and the Virginia “C” crew came in sixth (17:20.70). Eleven crews raced in the competition.

Sorelle Williams, Vanessa Furman, Marie Plagenhoef, Jessica Streufert, Claudia Wies, Amanda Fulwood, Valarie Burns, Bianca Spinosa, and Augusta Stratos manned UVa’s “A” boat. Members of the Cavalier “B” boat included Sara Peeling, Brittany Dolan, Nicole Dinion, Krista Weissbart, Amanda Chase, Kali Konstant, Krasna Kleinfeld, Sarah Kennelly, and Eleanor Mullen.

UVa finished first in the doubles event with a time of 17:06.99. Miami’s “A” boat came in second (17:38.06) followed by Texas in third (18:04.31) and Miami’s “B” boat in fourth (19:29.46). These four boats were the only crews in the event. Kerry Maher and Sara Lippa manned Virginia’s doubles boat.

Miami finished first in the women’s quad event with a time of 16:18.79. Virginia came in second (16:27.33). These two crews were the only participants in the competition. Members of UVa’s quad boat included Valerie Morini, Allison Brennan, Bridget Fowler, and Anna Samaha.

The women’s pair event was won by Ohio State’s “A” boat with a time of 17:07.94. Virginia’s “A” boat came in second (17:13.73), followed by Wisconsin’s “B” boat in third (17:26.74). Nine crews raced in the event.

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