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Nov. 19, 2005

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It’s a humbling game, certainly today we experienced that. I said last week that I thought this was going to be one of the best teams to come in here to play. I thought they were strong and powerful. … They’re a big, strong, powerful team, and that’s the kind of plan they put together.

We didn’t do a good job on the edge of the defense today. It wasn’t a scheme thing. We were in the right places, but we got blocked more than you than you can get blocked if you’re going to stop the running game.

I always say `you are what you are.’ And it was what it was today. You can’t turn it into anything else.

(On UVa’s receivers) We couldn’t get them free very much, certainly not in the early going. We had difficulty really getting our wide receivers into the game, and that’s a good way to take Marques (Hagans) out of the game when there’s nobody to throw the ball to.

(On Michael Johnson’s muff) All of the techniques that we practice in terms of catching punts were missing on that particular play. … One of the things you’ve got to learn in this game is that no matter what the previous play brings, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent, you’ve got to get ready to play your best on the next play. There were plenty of plays that followed that particular play that we wished we played better on.

(On the UVa touchdown on the first drive of the 3rd quarter) It was a positive, it should have had everybody in the right frame of mind. The next (Virginia Tech) drive was like so many that preceded it and followed it.

(On Miami) They’re probably one of the best teams we’ve had to go play.


The question I’ve been asked for two weeks is “What’s the state of your football team? Are you going to have a collapse?” I was asked that after the Miami game. I thought this football team showed some great stuff today. I thought our defense stopped them on the first drive when they got field position at the 50 and it ended up being third or fourth and 18 – that was a huge part of the game. And for our offense to come out and score after half when they go down and score against our defense – that was huge. That kind of just shows that this crowd has a little something to them. We’ve got some talent and we’ve got some good solid, tough people.

(On passing game) We got Eddie Royal back, and he had that one touchdown catch. He’s a threat every time he gets his hands on the ball. I think that helped. We had a tough loss against Miami and to put a little time in there [in off week] might have been good for our psyche a little bit.

(On running game) I thought we were pounding pretty good, and our backs were running well. Humes was running and Ore was running. There was some good blocking. I give credit to our offensive staff. They put a few wrinkles in there to get the ball outside a little bit more. I thought they had a nice game plan that Marcus executed very, very well.

(On Marcus Vick) He made a comeback. I knew he would, but it was great to see it.

We just got on a roll, and I know how those things go. We got on a roll, then we got a couple of turnovers in the third quarter, and we kind of got `em.

(On Humes and Ore) Both of them are good. Humes ran exceptionally well. Ore made a couple of shifty moves. Humes and Ore are different type of backs. It’s a good changeup when the other guy comes in.

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