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Nov. 27, 2005

Recap | Final Stats

Virginia Head Coach Al Groh:

On his team’s effort:

I’m proud to be associated with this (Virginia) football team…to comeoff of last week’s game and to come in this team who over the lasttwenty-five years has historically been in the top five and just sevendays ago was one of the top three teams in the country and fight it outthe way that they did.

We played well, but we didn’t play well enough to win. Had we not madea few errors along the way we would have been good enough.

On stopping the Hurricane offense:

They’re dedicated to running the ball and we tried to be dedicated instopping the run. Overall, we did a good job.

On the impetus for calling Byers end-around touchdown pass play:

We didn’t see anything in the Miami defense, we were just determined touse all the ammo that we had and use it (the play) when the situationarose.

Emmanuel Byers:

On his teams’s approach to playing the Hurricanes:

This is ACC football, Division I football. Anything can happen in anygiven week. We just wanted to come out and play a good game. I thinkwe played the (heck) out of the game.

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