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Dec. 28, 2005

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Dave Leitao, Virginia I told the team I referred back to something friend of mine that I used to work with told me. I’d be ranting and raving after a win, and as a coach, any time you get a win it’s good because the other option is losing. Based on that you have to walk away with your head up understanding that when you don’t play as well as you want to and you win, that’s a good thing. When you play what I would probably call a sloppy game you take the option of winning and put it into hands of the other team.

I thought that there were points during the game where we didn’t take control. A lot of that had to do with Randy and his team I thought they had a great game plan, they switched man and zone and kept us a little off balance on offense and they ran a five-out motion without a lot of post up players or plays that made us guard the ball on the perimeter which is a little different than what we’ve seen.

I think J.R. made some key baskets and late, and Sean pushing the ball, didn’t have a great offensive night, but pushed the basketball and gave us two or three easy baskets we needed. And obviously Jason with another double-double I think stabilized us a lot of times with key offensive rebounds or getting a defensive rebound when we needed it or a put back. So hopefully, that effort on his part and our parts can be a little more consistent.

Randy Monroe, UMBCI thought the kid Diane made a couple plays their big guys had a couple of offensive rebounds off of missed free throws. So those are plays that good players make and I thought that was the difference.

I’m high on him and I thought Brian Hodges, he’s been struggling a little bit and I thought he really came out the last few games and he’s really coming back into his own he made some big shots tonight and that really helps his confidence. He’s a good player. Sometimes I get on him because I see down the road. Sometimes as youngsters you might not be able to see that. Sometimes other people see your potential, whether it be a coach or someone else. I thought he made some big plays. I thought Michael Housman did a great job and our freshman point guard Jason Greene was good for us as well.

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