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Jan. 7, 2006

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The major reason we struggled all night, from the opening tap, was thebackboards. Part of it was that we were so small out there, but the otherpart was that we weren’t blocking out on the weak side at all.

(On Virginia’s starters) It looked like to me they were searching for theirbest lineup. I like that lineup. It does give them a big strong team, andthey’ve got enough shooting out there with Joseph at the 3 position, and ofcourse the two guards are outstanding shooters.

(On Hamilton’s defense) Vernon’s a steal guy. He’s closing in on theall-time record at Clemson. If we had been able to win that game, we’d havelooked back and said he sparked us by making a bank three, getting a steal,and making a couple of things happen.

(On Adrian Joseph) He hurt us bad. He hit at least three open jumpshotsthat really hurt us. He made a three on an out-of-bounds play under theirbasket where we didn’t trail hard enough, and that gave them a good workingmargin.

(On Virginia’s big players) They’re serviceable. They block shots andthey’re big and they hurt us tonight. Based on tonight’s game, which is theonly one I can go on, they’re pretty solid.


The best way to describe our guys today is resilient. Today there was anenergy level that was sustained. It wasn’t here and there. We’ve had goodhalves like we did today. There was a stretch at the beginning of the secondhalf and then when Clemson came back after being down 52-42, when we were alittle flat, a little fatigued, but I thought the guys did a great jobmaintaining, not only their poise but they’re resiliency.

What we wanted to do was try to keep them off balance, because they’re avery good rhythm team, try to disrupt their rhythm. Just changing defensesI thought was a pretty good thing for us and caused them to miss a fewshots, and we did a good job on the backboards.

(On rebounding) There were a lot of missed shots. Our number 1 key was toprotect the backboards, not only because it’s a good thing for us, butbecause it establishes a mentality.

(On Clemson’s defense) They really challenged the ball. They denied thewings. He (Singletary) got a little sloppy in taking care of the ball, butagain he made a big three and then a big pullup 15-footer, which speaks towho he is, that he could be resilient enough and bounce back.

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