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Jan. 11, 2006

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University Hall

Charlottesville, Va.

January 11, 2006



This is life on the road in the ACC. Virginia was very well prepared and they made run after run in the first half and we couldn’t seem to shake them. We came back with a rejuvenated spirit in the second half and tied the game and we felt very fortunate that we were able to come away with a victory.

They did a very good job of penetrating and getting into the lane. We had a difficult time of stopping the penetration, obviously the way they shot in the first half. Every time they had a wide open look they knocked them down. We were very fortunate to get enough stops and hit some free throws down the stretch and in overtime.

We have a lot of respect for Virginia’s rebounding. They are one of the top offensive rebounding teams in the league and we knew in order for us to be competitive we had to match their aggressiveness and enthusiasm on rebounding.

We had a difficult time containing their quick guards. They play off of Singletary and he’s too quick for just one person to contain him. We had two or three different schemes, but nothing seemed to work. Then with Diane and Reynolds on those wings, we knew that we couldn’t help out but so much. Each time we helped they seemed to knock down a three and when they didn’t, they penetrated and kicked it back to him. They had a great game plan for the talent that they have. We really struggled the majority of the game finding ways to stop them from making plays.


I thought we lost the game in the first half. We didn’t do a couple of things. We didn’t look like, in my estimation, that we had spent anytime practicing defense. We sat behind the post, we gave up middle penetration. You name it, we did it.

When you get down to times where you need quality shots and quality offense you have to rely on your execution. Our execution as of late hasn’t been as sharp as it needs to be. When you get in critical situations such as when we were up 77-72 and we just started to get real vanilla and ended up at the end of the shot clock having to watch Sean (Singletary).

I think in just about every game we’ve had to manage foul trouble. We have three experienced post defenders, we have three guys only, so we lack depth. We have three guys who lack bulk. So when you face teams like this who have very good offensive-minded post players, then you pay a price. The combination of those three things hurt us tonight and has been hurting us.

The free throws at the end of the game did not cost us the game. They are a rhythm team that averages 80 points a game and we really never took away their rhythm.

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