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Feb. 2, 2006

John Paul Jones Arena will feature some of the world’s finest audio – visual components to complement the exciting atmosphere that is an integral part of Virginia basketball.

The focal points of the facility’s A/V package are four 16′ by 9′ large screen video displays in the center-hung scoreboard bringing Hoo Vision to John Paul Jones Arena. Cavman, dynamic video presentations, replays, and much more will create an unrivaled spectator experience.

Eight displays will be located above the Hoo Vision screens; four will feature in-game score and time information, and the other four will show updated statistics and animated graphics. Two video rings encircle the structure’s top and bottom.

The arena’s audio-visual elements also include a ribbon board ringing the fascia separating the upper and lower seating bowl. A “noise meter” will energize the crowd above the arena’s main entrance to the seating bowl. The system is designed to create a vibrant atmosphere: fans will recognize the lack of static advertising signage and the game day staff can “black the house” and use an array of specialty lighting to create a dramatic effect.

Video screens in the lobby and concourse areas of John Paul Jones Arena will also entertain fans. Two 16′ by 9′ video displays will be located in the main lobby and draw people into the facility. These Mitsubishi 10 mm displays are identical to those on the center-hung structure. Mitsubishi is known for producing high-resolution screens that excel in color processing and brightness levels. Television screens will be located throughout the facility’s concourses so fans can keep track of the game in-progress upon leaving their seats.

To complement the video screens in John Paul Jones Arena, the facility is designed to be acoustically superior. Panels in the arena’s ceiling will help to evenly distribute sound and a state-of-the-art audio system will be installed. Fans will recognize the clarity and depth of range of the audio during games and special events.

The ultimate goal is for the audio-visual components of the John Paul Jones Arena to be an integral part of the finest collegiate basketball experience in the country.

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