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Dec. 1, 2006

Virginia Head Coach George Gelnovatch’s

Opening Statement: “I want to thank Saint Louis University and the NCAA. They have treated us very well since we arrived here. I know they don’t have control over the weather, but we’ll make do. We are just happy to be here and appreciate what everyone has done.”

On what stands out about UCLA: “They are a lot the same in some respects and different in others. They are a very talented team. To win at Duke is very difficult to do. They are especially talented on the ball. Their midfield and forwards are very good dribblers, very technical and able to get at it very well.”

On how the weather may affect the conditions of the game: “I don’t think snow is going to be a factor. There is a tarp on the field and it is heated. I think when they pull that tarp off it is going to be beautiful grass on the field that is not frozen. I think the field itself is not going to be an issue. If there is going to be an issue it may be wind.”

Virginia Student Athletes

Senior Goalkeeper Ryan Burke

On how the weather may affect play: “We had practice this morning and it was obviously wet, but the field is covered and heated as well. I don’t think we have to worry about it. We are just happy to be here rain, snow, wind, sunshine, whatever it is, we are ready to go.”

On remembering the regular season match-up with UCLA: “I don’t even remember a whole lot about the game. I know they played Maryland two games before and that was a tough game for them. I don’t know if the conditions were in their favor. They came four thousand miles across country, played one of the top teams at a venue that is very, very difficult to play at. They came down to Virginia and put up a good fight. That game could have gone either way. They have improved a lot since then and gone through a lot as a team.”

Sophomore forward Yennick Reyering

On the emotions of playing in the College Cup: “I think not only for the players and seniors that are graduating, but also for any other players these are special games and a special tournament. We are treating this tournament like it’s the last time we are going to be here and we want to win it all.”

On remembering the regular season match-up with UCLA (scored game winning goal): “It was one of the first games of the season. They are a tough team and it was a close battle throughout the ninety minutes. Scoring in the eighty-seventh minute shows how close the game was. We expect it to be similar tomorrow.”

Senior forward Adam Cristman

On how the weather affected play: “It was certainly a little cold out there this morning, but it helps to keep our team on edge and focused. I think our guys are going to be mentally tough and ready for whatever comes.”

On the emotions of playing in the College Cup: “No matter what this is my last three or four days of playing soccer in college. Personally I am trying to give it everything I can. We have a lot of seniors and older players are feeding off that and ready just to fight and give everything they have. It’s another game on our way to a win. That’s the way we are treating it.”

Junior midfielder Nico Colaluca

On how the weather affected play: “I agree with Ryan. We are all here and we want to play. I don’t think it is going to affect the game that much.”

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