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Feb. 19, 2007

Every Monday, fans get to learn more about their favorite Cavaliers.

This Week: Growing Up, what was the gem of your baseball card collection…

Michael Schwimer: I had a Cal Ripken card that was him on the same card as Lou Gehrig
Alex Smith: A Ken Griffey Jr. card with a piece of game used jersey in it
Casey Lambert: All of my Cal Ripken cards
Jeremy Farrell: An autographed card of Mark Langston
Mike Mitchell: A card of Dave Winfield. My dad pitched against him at Indiana when Winfield was at Minnesota.
Greg Miclat: Ozzie Smith cards
Brandon Guyer: Bo Jackson
Robert Poutier: A Greg Maddux card, when he was first with the Cubs
Corey Hunt: My brother gave me a card of Don Mattingly. I still have it in my room.
Matt Packer: A Frank Thomas rookie
Jacob Thompson: Nolan Ryan card
Brandon Marsh: I had this display of three Greg Maddux cards all in one case

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