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Head Coach Al Groh

On the overall game
A lot of guys had to step up tonight under those circumstances and that is what we are all about. I said a few weeks ago that we are not pretty. We don’t bob and weave we just go out to the middle of the ring and slug it out. Everybody has to play a role. Josh (Zidenberg) made some great plays for us. Chris (Gould) was as cool as can be. To come over here and win on the road we knew we had to be able to go 60 minutes. We had to scratch and win at the end and that is exactly what we did. We were very please with it , the players never cracked, never wavered in their determination to win. By the same token, Middle has played a great game and they are a team on the rise. We compliment them on their performance.

On the two-minute offense
In any season we think it is very important. We work on it several times a week to create certain situations and the plays we ran are the exact same plays that we practiced. I think the players knew what the calls were going to be and they were very confident.

On the game winning kick
We were very confident with Chris. He has had a very good year for us. The only field goal he missed was one that was blocked. He hadn’t missed one that he was able to get in the air. We were confident because we practice that every Friday; game winning field goals.

Chris Gould, Placekicker

On the game winning kick
I went out there and just tried to compose myself, keep my head down and make up for the kick I missed earlier. It went through the uprights and that was good. We were pretty emotional and at that point to just had to do what you had to do.

Chris Long, Defensive End

On the victory
It was awesome. A win is a win and they are a very good team. It was big to keep fighting and not crack at the end.

On the final drive
It was on the defense and that is how we like it. The first time we didn’t stop it. We let it get away on the draw play. The second time it was close. It is a game of inches and we stopped them.

On defensive adjustments
We just figured out what they were trying to do. They had a good scheme and they were slicing and dicing with him (Dasher). He is a great player and they were the best team, with that record that have we played against.

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