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Nickname: Friends at home shorten my name to “Mar” and friends here shorten my name to “Lo.”
Family: Parents-Phil and Kelly; Sister-Lauren (17) Brother-Bronson (11). Both of my siblings have red hair. I was skipped.
Favorite food (how often you eat it): Ice cream. I try to have some once a day.
Last book read: The Five People You Meet In Heaven
Musical tastes: I really love all types of music. If I’m on a plane traveling somewhere I’ll listen to acoustic or alternative music like Matt Wertz or Colbie Cailat or country like Rascal Flatts. If I’m out, I like anything but my traveling music.
Dream car: A Black Hyundai stick.
TV show you never miss: “Grey’s Anatomy”
Some of your favorite things: Playing the piano, waking up and realizing you have more time to sleep, volleyball warm-ups when people are serving on both ends of the court and two balls collide mid-air, finding money forgotten in a pocket, coincidences
Favorite vacation spot: I have had great vacations and with different people.
1. Valencia, Spain I studied abroad in the summer with my roommate now in the sorority. It was my first visit to Europe and we had a blast.
2. San Pedro, Belize Spring break my junior year of high school I traveled with my family. We were on Ambergris Caye off the coast of mainland Belize. The island is so small everyone drives around in golf carts. We went parasailing, scuba diving, and fishing.
3. Choteau, Montana I was born in Montana and my grandparents still live on a ranch south of Glacier Park. We visit them at least every 4th of July for the rodeo, boxing smoker, steak fry, concert, street dance, and keg hockey. Definitely small town fun!
4. Grand Cayman First year Spring Break with Shannon, a UVA soccer player, and Shan’s parents. Everyone got a nice tan but I got fried.
My first job: I was the neighborhood babysitter when I was younger, but my first real job was as a lifeguard.
First pro sports event you attended: Probably a Minnesota Vikings football game … hence, why it’s forgettable.
First time on an airplane: I don’t remember the first time I was on a plane, but I do remember the first time I was on an airplane by myself. I was six flying out to visit my grandparents in Montana terrified that either the plane was going to crash or that no one would be there to pick me up. I survived.
First time you started playing organized sports: I’ve played organized sports since I can remember. The only sport I am coordinated enough to play is volleyball. It really is quite shocking.
Most famous person you have met (where and when): David Letterman in Choteau, Montana.
Best thing about Charlottesville: There are so many hidden little shops and restaurants that there is always something new to try.
Favorite spot on Grounds: Arches! Oh. Is that not on Grounds?
The title of your autobiography would be: Making People Laugh When You Really Aren’t Funny Since 1987
In 10 years, what do you hope to be doing: In 10 years I will be 30 and hopefully living happily with a really fabulous husband and a couple of children.
Greatest invention of the last 100 years: The Hair Binder
How many songs in your iPod: 4,577
What is your cell phone ring: My cell phone is always on vibrate
What was your coolest Halloween costume: In first grade, I found an antler headband, dressed in brown and was thrilled to be a reindeer! Someone called me “Rudolph” and I took off my headband and cried for the rest of the day. Did I not know he was “the most famous reindeer of all?” For the next four years I was OBSESSED with being a 50’s girl.

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