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PRINCETON, N.J.Virginia crews finished second, third and sixth out of 45 entries in the open eight competition to highlight the Cavaliers’ effort at the Princeton Chase on Sunday (Oct. 28). Crews from Boston University, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Northeastern, Pennsylvania, Princeton, Rutgers, Texas, and Yale competed along with Virginia in the 4,500-meter head race which was held on Lake Carnegie.

Yale, the 2007 NCAA Champion in the varsity eight, won the open eight competition with a time of 14:28.953. Virginia’s “A” boat was second in 14:33.974 followed by the Virginia “B” boat (14:44.437), Brown’s “A” boat (14:47.564), Princeton’s “A” boat (14:48.811) and Virginia’s “C” boat (15:01.422). Virginia’s “D” boat finished 17th with a time of 15:35.527.

“We were slightly ahead for the first 3,000 meters, but Yale came back at the end,” said Virginia head coach Kevin Sauer. “I’m really pleased with our overall finishes and look forward to hosting the Rivanna Romp in two weeks.”

UVa’s “A” boat in the open eight was comprised of Michelle Ellison (coxswain), Jennifer Cromwell, Katrin Sydlik, Lauren Hutchins, Augusta Stratos, Andria Haneman, Amanda Chase, Desiree Burns and Rebecca Ryall.

The Cavaliers’ “B” boat was made up of Caitlin Mixter (coxswain), Alexandra Clair, Victoria Burke, Kelsie Chaudoin, Diane Leigh, Allison Brennan, Lauren Shook, Claudia Blandford and Helen Thompkins.

Virginia’s “C” boat was comprised of Mary Eddy (coxswain), Caitlin Clark, Marie Long, Adrienne Egge, Bridget Wandelt, Shalane Carlson, Annie Bohlen, Krista Warner and Madeleine Smerin.

UVa’s “D” boat was made up of Taylor Gilmore (coxswain), Jessica Streufert, Susie Chalker, Megan Haughs, Jillian Trigg, Christine Roper, Pamela Baylor, Nora Phillips and Schafer Bomstein.

Virginia finished third out of 39 entries in the open four competition with a boat comprised entirely of freshmen. Princeton’s “A” boat won with a time of 16:19.992. Dartmouth finished second with a time of 17:08.735 followed by Virginia (17:20.347) and Princeton’s “B” boat (17:29.942).

The Cavaliers’ crew in the open four was comprised of Christine Candland (coxswain), Lauren Shook, Claudia Blandford, Christine Roper and Susie Chalker.

Virginia boats finished first, second and sixth in the doubles competition, and UVa rowers were second and fourth in the singles.

In the doubles, Victoria Burke and Shalane Carlson finished first, Bridget Wandelt and Helen Thompkins were second, and Mariana Lima and Laura Laycock were sixth.

In the singles competition, Nicole Dinion finished second and Sarah Pichardo fourth.

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