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Nicknames: HP, Parker, Crash
Family: Pam (mom), Randy (dad), Nathan (brother)
Childhood heroes: Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles
Favorite foods: Ice cream, plain yogurt, cereal, peaches, avocados, and tofu
Magazine subscription(s): Self, Shape
Last book read: Just class books
Musical tastes: Anything I can sing to!
Favorite superhero: Spiderman
Dream car: Corvette
TV show you never miss: “Desperate Housewives”
Favorite charity: Salvation Army
Favorite vacation spot: The beach
First job: Secretary at BP&A Architecture Corporation
First pro sports event you attended: Nationals baseball game
First time on an airplane: When I was 2 months old, on a “business trip” to Alaska
First time you started playing organized sports: Around age 4
Best thing about Charlottesville: Arch’s, of course
Favorite spot on Grounds: The sunny side of the amphitheater
The title of your autobiography would be: “What was I Thinking?”
What reality TV show would you be on: “Survivor”
One thing about you that would surprise most people reading this: I am clumsy
In 10 years, what do you hope to be doing: Being successful
Greatest sports moment: In diving, it is hitting the dive and the adrenaline rush that follows
Greatest invention of the last 100 years: The eraser
How many songs in your iPod: 5 gigs worth
What is your cell phone ring: a little “jig and jive”
What was your best Halloween costume: A lucky penny

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