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Nickname: Snowflake. It was given by one of the upperclassmen my first year because I’m from the North and like the snow.
Family: Mom, Dad, and brother, Sean (17)
Childhood heroes: My parents and my grandfather
Favorite food (how often you eat it): Penne with vodka sauce and shrimp. I get it when I’m visiting family in NYC.
Magazine subscription(s): ESPN The Magazine, GQ
Last book read: “Harry Potter”
Musical tastes: Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, OAR, Dispatch, Robert Randolph and the Family Band
Favorite superhero: Spiderman
Dream car: Aston Martin Vanquish S
TV show you never miss: “Entourage”
Hobbies/interests: Red Sox, Patriots, college football, hanging out with friends
Favorite charity: My Brother’s Keeper
Favorite vacation spot (when did you go and with whom): Martha’s Vineyard, every summer with my family when I was younger
First job: Lifeguard
First pro sports event you attended: Boston Red Sox game
First time on an airplane: Third grade on our family trip to Disney World
First time you started playing organized sports: Rec soccer in Kindergarten
Most famous person you have met (where and when): Former MLB pitcher Whitey Ford, at a restaurant in New York a couple years ago
Best thing about Charlottesville: The Corner and Downtown Mall
Favorite spot on Grounds: The Lawn and the McGregor Room in Alderman Library
The title of your autobiography would be: “My Life in the Water: The Autobiography of Patrick Reams”
What reality TV show would you be on: “Top Chef,” because I would love to be able to cook as well as the contestants
One thing about you that would surprise most people reading this: I’m extraordinarily uncoordinated
In 10 years, what do you hope to be doing: Have a good job and be married with kids and a big house
Greatest sports moment: Winning ACC’s in 2006
Greatest invention of the last 100 years: Cell phone
How many songs in your iPod: 4,173
What is your cell phone ring: “Superhero” by Jane’s Addiction (Entourage theme song)
What was your coolest Halloween costume: Spiderman, Halloween 2005

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