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Rob Huggins, the Athletic Trainer for the Virginia field hockey team, brings a great deal of athletic experience to the pitch. A former captain of the UConn men’s club hockey team, Huggins is an avid sports enthusiast who has also played lacrosse, baseball and golf throughout his life. He is now pursuing his master’s degree in the Sports Medicine Program at Virginia. Huggins has an avid interest in research, particularly heat and hydration and aspires to continue studying this topic after graduation. Currently Huggins is studying arthogenic muscle inhibition and its effect on the quadriceps at Virginia. He took time out of his schedule to sit down with

My favorite meal: Lobster, potatoes and corn

My favorite sports figure: Tiger Woods

My favorite movie: Forest Gump

My favorite book: 11 Seconds by Travis Roy

Major and why I chose it: Athletic training. I chose it because I enjoy helping others and I love the satisfaction I get when I help someone return to the sport that they love.

My primary inspiration in sports is: My family

My advice to players is: If you can look in the mirror at the end of the game and say that you gave it everything you had, then you have nothing to be ashamed of. If not…there’s much work to be done.

The best thing about the University is: The history that goes along with the University.

My dream vacation would be: In the Bahamas with my girlfriend and with my entire family.

The most important thing I learned in college is…. Manage your time, work hard, and don’t burn your bridges!

The best advice I ever received is: If you work hard you can get anywhere in life. (from my parents)

My favorite place on Grounds: The upper room of the Rotunda

My favorite moment in my personal sports history: Seeing the UConn men and women’s basketball teams win the national championships in the same season when I was a freshman in college.

My favorite moment in overall sports history: When the USA ice hockey team beat the Soviets to go to the finals in 1980 Olympics.

If I could invite someone to dinner, it would be: Dave Matthews because I really enjoy his music and I think he is a brilliant musician.

What do Michele Madison and her staff bring to Virginia? They bring a level of communication and acceptance that I haven’t seen and they have made my adjustment here a great experience.

Please write a quote about your time here at UVa with the school and the team: Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve and he who is fixed to a star will someday achieve greatness.

What is something about me that is unique/different? I enjoy going to my cottage in New Hampshire on Lake Spofford with my family; it is by far my favorite place in this world.

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