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Nicknames: Miss, Melisc
Family: My mom, dad, older brother Ryan, and our dog, Rocky.
Childhood heroes: Dot Richardson and Craig Biggio
Favorite food: I’m joining Marlow on Team Ice Cream. I keep a spoon in my car in case I have a chocolate chip cookie dough emergency.
Magazine subscription(s): Back home we get Newsweek and Sports Illustrated but I don’t get any at school. I just steal my housemates’ girly magazines.
Last book read: “The World According to Garp” and “The GMAT for Dummies”
Musical tastes: Eighties, country and rock
Favorite superhero: Do the Ninja Turtles count?
Dream car: Range Rover. My grandkids can deal with the repercussions.
TV show you never miss: “The Bachelor,” “24” and “The Office”
Hobbies/interests: Logic puzzles, improving my tennis game, a good deed each day, learning to cook.
Favorite charity: Whichever one we chose to sponsor with this year’s Shootout for Cancer.
Favorite vacation spot: My friend’s lake house at Lake Travis.
First job: Working the snack bar and office at the local pool club.
First pro sports event you attended: The first one I remember was an Astros game with a couple other girls and our families in third grade. Every time they showed part of the crowd on the jumbotron we would stand up and dance. When they finally put us up on the big screen and we got so embarrassed we immediately sat back down, at which point we got to hear the entire Astrodome roar with laughter.
First time on an airplane: Really young. I can’t remember.
First time you started playing organized sports: Soccer when I was 4, not particularly organized though.
Most famous person you have met (where and when): Jesse Palmer, in the Indy airport on the way home from a volleyball tournament. It was when his season of the Bachelor was airing.
Best thing about Charlottesville: I love how cars stop for people to cross the road and how gorgeous everything is in the fall.
Favorite spot on Grounds: Mem Gym, duh. Actually probably the gardens, though we do have a great gym.
What reality TV show would you be on: “Survivor” or the “Amazing Race.” Using my fame from those I would then be on “Dancing with the Stars.”
One thing about you that would surprise most people reading this: I’m terrified of stickers.
In 10 years, what do you hope to be doing: Saving the world.
Greatest sports moment: My greatest sports moment was playing basketball in 4th grade. It was a boys league and before one of the games one of the kids came over and started teasing some of the guys on my team about having to play with a girl. I ended up guarding the mean boy, had a great game and totally shut him down. We won, and at the end of the game he cried. It was great.
Greatest invention of the last 100 years: Cars
How many songs in your iPod: 0. Used to be around 2000, but I just had to restore factory settings.
What is your cell phone ring: It was the Fray, “Over my Head (Cablecar)”, but my phone died. (It’s been a rough week).
What was your best Halloween costume: I make a great flying monkey; this year the team dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz.

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