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Postgame Quotes
Virginia 75, No. 17 Arizona 72

Virginia Head Coach Dave Leitao

“We got out early, we had a game plan and it worked. Both teams shot the ball extremely well in the first half, but we got stops down the end. I’m really proud of how we stuck together.”

“We attacked the boards alright, and didn’t let them go crazy on the offensive glass.”

(On Virginia’s big men)
“They had timely baskets on offense and set good screens. I thought they did a very good job out there.”

(On Sean Singletary)
“He was gassed five minutes into the game; he looked dizzy but didn’t let that deter him. He is a big time player, and he hit big time shots. He didn’t start out well, but went into attack mode in the second half.”

“Our program is building. We’re tried to establish a solid foundation, and if we continue to learn, especially on the defensive end, we will continue to grow.”

“Playing against a ranked team, especially in this building, makes this win very special.”

Junior Forward Mamadi Diane

“I had a big emphasis on covering (Chase) Budinger tonight. Coach (Leitao) gave me him, and I was out there trying to play against a great defense.”

“I was cramping out there for most of the game, but it was worth it.”

“We came into a great basketball environment tonight, and this really builds up our confidence. We just gave it our all.”

Senior Guard Sean Singletary

“They were really playing me physical and my field goal percentage shows that. I’ve never played against a defense that tough ever. It’s part of the game and I knew that they would be overaggressive tonight.”

On his comments about Arizona after last year’s game
“I guess they took that to heart. I never called them soft. I have the utmost respect for (the Arizona basketball program). I don’t know where all that came from.”

“I’ve had the flu for a few days, but I had every intention of playing tonight. I couldn’t do it without my teammates and this was a great win for us.”

“Our program is different than the last time we were (at Arizona). It was Coach Leitao’s first season, and now our players are more mature. We had a lot of heart tonight from everyone on the team, from one to 15.”

“Coach Leitao has done a great job this year. It’s just our third win, and it’s a great win.”

On Jeff Jones
“Jeff has a lot of talent. He will probably win Freshman of the Week, and maybe the ACC Freshman of the Year. You can’t question his heart our there.”

Arizona interim head coach Kevin O’Neill

“We lost the game in the first half with the 13 turnovers and lack of defense. We talked all game about limiting the turnovers, and we didn’t do a good job. We fought hard in the second half, but three turnovers in the last two minutes of the game; we can’t get the ball in to win the game is disappointing. I don’t know what happened but that is on me.”

“Virginia certainly had more experience than we did but that is not an excuse. I’m not going to let the things we can’t control affect us; like youth. But, the execution is still unacceptable.”

“It was our first time with a small lineup. I’m really disappointing with the defense in the first half, but there were 13 turnovers in the first half. We played hard and did a much better job in the second half.”

“We just have to put this behind us and come back on Monday against UM-KC.”

“I thought we were fortunate to be down only 11 at the half. We picked up our defensive intensity in the second half and forced a bunch of turnovers and gave ourselves a chance to win at the end of the game.”

“I thought there were two critical points in the game. Once, we were up by four but were so busy celebrating that they went down and scored on us, which is unacceptable. The other was having those turnovers in the last two minutes.”

“I respect our team for putting our team in a position to win the game when it was 73-72, but not being inbound the ball is unacceptable.”

“Virginia played hard, they played well. They’re going to win a lot of games this year.”

“We lost because our team didn’t execute. I’m not going to talk about our youth anymore. It’s inexcusable not to get the ball inbounds in that situation.”

“I’ve told our guys that if someone has the ball two feet behind the (there-point arc) it is like a layup. This is not the NBA. We need to take their airspace away and get in their face.” Sophomore Forward Chase Budinger
“They were a lot better team than we were tonight. We were careless with the ball and committed too many turnovers and that is what decided the game.”

On final possession
“We were focused on getting the ball in and setting up a shot for either myself or Jawann, but we just couldn’t execute.”

“We had a lot of mental mistakes tonight. In practice we need to correct that in order to improve.”

Senior Guard Jawann McClellan
“Tonight we let them get way too many wide open three pointers especially in the first half. In the second half, we tightened up our defense but it still wasn’t enough.”

On final possession
“We just wanted to inbound the ball and get an open look. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get the shot we were looking for.”

On tough up-coming schedule
“We can’t worry about that right now. We need to work hard in practice and correct our mistakes that we made tonight. It’s all about improving as the season goes on. We want to control the things we are able to control.”

Freshman Guard Jerryd Bayless
On the game overall
“We didn’t execute and that cost us the game.”

On final possession
“The last play comes down on me tonight. I messed up and that determined the game. We got to put that aside now and work on the things that can make us a better ball club.”

On Virginia
“Virginia is a top 25 team in my opinion. They have a great point guard and are a very talented team.”

Sophomore Forward Jordan Hill
“In the second half, we didn’t a better job defensively but it just wasn’t enough. Give Virginia credit, they are a very good team.”

Quotes courtesy of the Arizona Media Relations Office

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