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Postgame Quotes
Virginia 91, Elon 61

Virginia Head Coach Dave Leitao

“We did a much better overall job on both ends, playing together like we’re supposed to play, and the score reflected that. I’ve been preaching the last few weeks about getting better and about getting rid of the stuff that’s not good for our team and continue to grow, and the last couple of days in practice really showed it.”

On Jeff Jones’ play:
“Guys go through that. There are going to be highs and lows for young guys, and they can’t depend on experience because they don’t have that much. He’s a good player. We all believe in him. It was only a matter of time. We told him not to settle and be aggressive, and he was today.”

On Sean Singletary’s play:
“The last few days I think he’s just decided mentally to turn up the speed, be more himself, and instead of letting the game come to him, just take himself and his talent to the game. It’s speed. It’s aggression. He’s done a great job of taking shots early in the possession because he can pull up from three, and he’s better defensively. He was a more responsible version of himself.”

On the play of Virginia’s big men:
“If I was happy the other night with them, then I’m equally as happy tonight with their progress. Mike was a little big sluggish, a little bit winded, but he helped us protect the paint, rebounding, keeping the ball alive. He just didn’t finish as well. Jerome did finish much better. Jerome is not only a smart guy, but a smart basketball guy, and he learns quickly. I think he’s putting those things that he’s learned to good use, and it’s given us more options, knowing both of those guys can play and play well in big games.”

Elon Head Coach Ernie Nestor

“Virginia has a very good basketball team. They have very good depth and athleticism, and of course they have one significantly outstanding basketball player. They’re very difficult for us to play against unless we play a maximum game, which we didn’t tonight. We had a little foul trouble, and we’re fighting through some injuries. We weren’t at peak performance, and so that makes it difficult for us to compete against this level of athleticism.”

On Monty Sanders value to team:
“He’s going to mean a significant amount to us. He’s a 4 guy who can play away from the basket. He can jumpshoot. He can drive with the ball. Atoyebi is a very good player inside. Monty make other teams play their big guys away from the basket so they can’t double-team inside. He allows us to play more guys on the court who can score.”

On Mike Scott’s play:
“We know Mike Scott from Hargrave [Military Academy] because that’s where Chris Long is from. He’s going to be a good basketball player. He has great physical talent. If he gets chances to play and gets his confidence, he’ll be a real good basketball player in time.”

On Brett James’ play:
“We have four or five guys who can play at this level athletically. Brett [James] is one of them. He never seemed to get back into the game [after leaving with two fouls] as he was earlier.”

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