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Name: Abby Snyder
Nicknames: Ab, Abs, Abster, Abinator, Corn Puff
Family: Dad: David Snyder, mom: Susan Snyder, older sister and brother-in-law: Shay and Matt Stallworth
Childhood heroes: Dot Richardson. My sister is still my hero.
Favorite food: Corn fritters, the most wonderful edible item on this planet.
Last book read: Biological Sciences, 2nd Edition
Musical tastes: It varies, but country is definitely my favorite.
Favorite superhero: Underdog
Dream car: I love my Tacoma!
TV show you never miss: Grey’s Anatomy. Thanks to DVR!
Hobbies/interests: Hunting, fishing, churning butter
Favorite charity: Kelly Stallworth Horner Scholarship Fund
Favorite vacation spot: Burnt Corn, Alabama Hunting Club
First job: Student-athlete
First pro sports event you attended: Atlanta Braves baseball game
First time on airplane: In fifth grade we flew to Colorado for a snow-skiing trip.
First time you started playing organized sports: I started playing tee-ball when I was five.
Most famous person you have met (where and when): We met Derek Jeter last year as the South Florida tournament in Tampa.
Best thing about Charlottesville: UVa
Favorite spot on Grounds: The Lawn because it reminds me of what a magnificent school UVA is and how lucky I am to be here
The title of your autobiography would be: Corn Puff: the Untold Story of Abby Snyder
Reality TV show you would be on: A hunting show
In 10 years, what do you hope to be doing: Have a job dealing with sports and medicine at the Andrews Institute in Pensacola, Fla.
Greatest sports moment: Signing with UVa
Greatest invention of the last 100 years: Toaster
How many songs in your iPod: about 600
What is your cell phone ring: Hello Darlin’ by Conway Twitty
What was your best Halloween costume: Batman

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